April 2006

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Technology in the Tintamar - HARP SF's universe


The Stacked Deck Chapter 7 - Ronald Soller
Paul is challenged to defend his right to be a champion against the Unlife. Part 7 of our serial set in Shadow World


Previews from The Echoes of Heaven - Robert Defendi
Historical and other previews from this upcoming fantasy setting for Rolemaster, HARP and d20


Bladgorn Buccaneers Training Packages - Stu Gritter
Two new piratical training packages for the world of Cyradon and suitable for other HARP fantasy worlds.

Blood Talents in Middle Earth - Jörg Jahnke
HARP Blood Talents for the Races of Middle-earth

Defender of the Green - Eric McLuen
The third of our nature-oriented orders for HARP


A Sneak Peak into Castles and Ruins - R.C. Kirkland Jr
An excerpt from Castles and Ruins (PDF)

Duelists and Bladerunes - Cory Magel
New characters; New Bladerunes