A Sneak Peak into Castles and Ruins

Copyright R.C. Kirkland Jr © 2006

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Originally published in 1996 by ICE, this new edition of Castles and Ruins has been digitally remastered by The Guild Companion.

Castles and Ruins is a sourcebook dealing with the details of castles, construction of dwellings, and the aging of ruins. Designed for use with the Rolemaster Standard System and wholly compatible with Rolemaster Fantasy Role-Play.

Inside you will find details on the history of castles, the construction of castles, the folk who dwell in and around castles, as well as how castles age to become ruins.

In Castles and Ruins you get:

  • Many new Training Packages that represent the vocations and lifestyles of the folk around castles - including a selection of Training Package Spell Lists.
  • Details on the processes used in castle construction (finding sites, materials, labor, etc.). Guidelines on costs are also provided.
  • Details on staffing of castles as well as notes about the day-to-day operations of these bastions of power.
  • Guidelines on how castles age, becoming ruins. These ruins and other structures are often the sites of lost treasure and many adventures.

It is available from edge.rpgnow.com at a price of 16 US Dollars - see http://edge.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=6759 for a direct link.

You will find a free excerpt at gcp-aef003-castlesandruins-demo.pdf