Magic Items

Copyright Thomas Lind © 2006

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

This article describes some magic items that I have used in my campaign (set in Middle-Earth). The items were designed by a PC Alchemist. They were developed using the RM2 rules, but could easily be adapted to RMSS/RMFRP.

Turmatáno ("Shield of the Smith")

This beautifully crafted Mithril chain shirt gives the wearer +20 to DB and protects as a breastplate (AT 17) due to superior craftmanship and material. At the wearer's mental command it will cast Blur (twice per day) upon the wearer. The chain shirt is so light that it can easily be worn under normal clothing and is totally unencumbering.

Cortáno ("Ring of the Smith")

This gold ring set with a fire opal functions as a +3 spell adder and a x2 PP multiplier for Essence. It gives +10 BAR to the user and +15 to all fire and lightning elemental attacks. Using the command word "Corunya", Cortáno casts a Wall of Fire once per day.

Mask of the Water

This is a face-mask made from a dark wood. It will cast Waterlungs (closed Mentalism Shifting, level 5), Watervision (closed Mentalism Sense Mastery, level 5) and Underwater Movement (closed Mentalism Movement, level 5) each once per day. It has a Medium Intelligence imbedded in it, so no Attunement roll is necessary to use the mask. The Will (see RMC1) of the mask is 5.

Twin cloak pins

These pins are made from copper and carved to resemble pegasi. They will cast Fly 150'/round when the wearer taps the pin and says (or whispers) the command word "oro" ("rise up").

Maciltáno ("Sword of the Smith")

This +20 Mithril sword deals double concussion hit damage. It also deals an extra slash critical of 1 severity level less than any normal critical inflicted. Maciltáno slays Orcs and can become a two-handed sword, bastard sword, broadsword or dagger at the wielder's mental command. Using the command word "Macilrunya", Maciltáno can cast a Wall of Fire (Magician Base Fire Law level 4) once per day. The sword was made by Macartáno himself and is wielded by him in battle.