Preview: The Last Free City

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"In fact, his thirst for revenge will likely be his undoing."

Lord Mayor Eadic Illéoding

The current ruler of Felric's Redoubt is the Lord Mayor Eadic Illéoding. Eadic is a bald, powerful looking man. His every gesture draws the eyes of those around him. Men respect him. Women worship him. He's a confirmed bachelor and with all his options, it's no wonder. Most people feel he's too honorable to cheat on a wife and the unmarried women of the city nearly throw themselves at him for that as well).

For all that Eadic keeps a cool head. He cultivates his relationships tenderly and maintains his power with an easy hand. He has connections on every level of the city and many people suspect that he maintains more spies than his Lord High Inquisitor. The only thing he has in greater numbers than women and spies are favors. Eadic makes certain to perform favors for everyone he can, at every level of society. He could probably raise a small army of street urchins at a moments notice.

Eadic has a dark side as well. Aside from the opportunist philosophies that go hand in hand with power, Eadic has a strong sense of vengeance and often lets his temper get out of control. In fact, his thirst for revenge will likely be his undoing.

Eadic has become aware of the actions of the Illuminated in his city of late. He's been cultivating Aldróf (see above) as a double agent to use against the Illuminated, but he hasn't taken this "betrayal" to heart.

Al­dróf has responded too easily to his manipulations, and Eadic knows that means the boy's friendship is genuine. So he hasn't done anything to ruin the boy.

It seems unlikely that Eadic will be voted out of office any time soon . . . that is unless Hodwig's plot blows up in Eadic's face (see below). Eadic is a High Man.

All the current politics and plots surrounding Eadic are Adventure Seeds. His position and his security as Lord Mayor are World Threads.


There are technically only three high offices, the Lord High Priest, the Lord High Inquisitor, and the Lord High Marshal. The First Councilor and Chairman, however, are powerful enough to be of note.

The High Offices are appointed until the office is stripped from the person holding it. Since this usually only happens to the Chairman and the First Councilor, most of the High Office holders keep their position for life, only leaving if the Lord Mayor gets angry enough to boot them out on the streets. They create continuity of government.

Lord High Priest

In most nations, the Lord High Priest is the king's spiritual and religious adviser and is appointed by the king himself. While the Lord High Priest fills the same role in Felric's Redoubt, setting policy for the city and its surrounding area isn't considered as big a job as for an entire kingdom (though in all honesty, it probably is). The Lord High Priest in Felric's Redoubt is the Bishop, and who the bishop is depends on whether you've run The Festering Earth and if so, what the final outcome was. See that adventure for details on the death of the Bishop and his succession. Whoever becomes acting Bishop in Felric's Redoubt will probably keep the title permanently. After the murders, the Church wishes to move on as quickly as possible.

The Lord Mayor can strip the bishop of this office (though not the bishopric). That rarely happens.

Lord High Inquisitor

The Lord High Inquisitor is the spymaster of Felric's Redoubt. It is his job to keep his finger on the pulse of the nation and to spot any plots against the government. It's also his job to cultivate foreign spies and keep abreast of threats from those nations.

The Lord High Inquisitor is Hodwig Hedranding, a middle-aged, ugly man. He has lost some of his verve over the years. Now he mainly coasts through life, living off the prestige of his job.

When the Lord Mayor took office ten years ago, Hodwig took offense at something he said (neither remember what it was). At that time he built a large case of falsified evidence against the Lord Mayor in an attempt to blackmail him into stepping down. Hodwig abandoned the plan before ever carrying it out, and he's forgotten the evidence even exists.

Everything about Hodwig except his position in government and his general ambivalence is an Adventure Seed.

Lord High Marshal

The Lord High Marshal is in charge of the Felrican Military. He typically avoids court politics and there is a tradition of giving the office to a Dwarf in honor of the sacrifice of Kûlan.

The current Lord High Marshal is Naledûn Bloodstone. He is an aging Dwarf who has spent much of his life either fighting the Warlord or preparing to fight the Warlord. He is powerfully built and tall (five feet in boots). He carries a hammer that seems too large for any Mortal to wield practically. Naledûn has studied the Warlord his entire life, and lately he has come to the conclusion that they can't win, the City-State will fall eventually. He' s so overcome with the bleak despair of their position that he is considering making a backdoor deal with the Warlord. Certain elements in the city have sensed this and approached him with tentative messages from the Warlord. Naledûn has yet to respond.

Everything about Naledûn is an Adventure Seed, even his position. If he colludes with the Warlord and is discovered, it's unlikely he'll hold his position for long.