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Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion


To the ninety-fourth issue of The Guild Companion. It also happens to be our eighth birthday - December 1998 seems an unbelievably long time ago.

Guild Adventurer News

Following the successful ransom of the first issue of The Guild Adventurer, we released it in early November. All Patrons should have received their hyperlink coupon entitling them to purchase the issue at a discount price - any Patrons who have yet to do so are cordially invited to buy themselves their Christmas present.

We received early feedback that our colour layout was too hard on inkjet printers. Andrew kindly produced a colour-light version. All early purchasers of TGA #1 who permitted RPGNow to send them update emails should have received an email from me (through RPGNow) giving them complimentary access to the color-light edition. A number of our customers won't have received that email (due to opting out of the feature); consequently we have placed the color-light version in a password-protected directory as:
The user name is TGCUser; the password is the first name of Freeman Stratten's eldest son (page 11, 1st column, 2nd line)

You can buy The Guild Adventurer from RPGNow (soon to be OneBookShelf) at http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=15166, where you will also find reviews of the product.

Issue 2 of The Guild Adventurer is still only in the early planning stages but I can already confirm that Robert Defendi will be writing a Spacemaster scenario for it and Terry Amthor has committed to producing a new Shadow World adventure.

RM Classic and Rolemaster Companion 1

ICE has just released the pdf version of the first Rolemaster Classic rulebook, Character Law. Softbound, hardbound, and limited editions versions will follow in due course. This Character Law is an update and expansion of the character creation portion of the RM 2nd Edition, Character Law & Campaign Law, with better layout, new artwork and hugely improved organisation. The rules are the same, but with additional options and clearer examples. If you are an avid RM 2nd Edition fan, head over to ICE's website and see for yourself.

When most Rolemaster fans think of RM2, they think in terms of the core books plus the Companions. In particular, Rolemaster Companion I is considered by many to be as integral to their campaigns as any core book. As a consequence of the bankruptcy of the old ICE, the rights in that book reverted to its principal author, Mark Colborn, and it seemed that it would be lost to history.

I am very pleased to report that we have made an agreement in principle with Mark Colborn and ICE to recover the Rolemaster Companion I as a TGC pdf reprint and we expect to hire members of the RM Classic team to restore the work to a new glory. Look for Rolemaster Companion I to be reborn in 2007.

Dragonmeet 2006 Report

As mentioned in the November editorial, I went to Dragonmeet (2nd December) armed with two space-black hardbound copies of HARP SF, two scenarios, and a bundle of character sheet printouts. Easily over a hundred people in the entrance queue when I arrived fifteen minutes prior to doors opening. My scheduled GM status allowed me to short-circuit the queue and enter the hall in good time for a quick scan of the dealer's hall and plenty of time to set up for the morning scenario.

This was a reprise of "Resident Aliens", updated to reflect the new maturity of the HARP SF rules set and Tintamar background. Five budding heroes of the Federation (A. Morton, P. Mansfield, D. Jessup, M. Simmons, and G. Larter) accepted the Governor's mission to investigate an anomalous signal deep in the snowfields of Tantallon. They discovered a hidden Silth base, which they captured intact against the odds, with a combination of high explosives, aggressive shooting and unbelievable chutzpah. In an inspired move, the FedPol Agent used the severed head of a Silth soldier as a ruse to trick a pair of Silth scientists into believing that a failed Electronics Bypass maneuver was a Silth Trooper misremembering the combination. On a fumbled Reasoning maneuver, the scientists opened the door ...

Once HARP SF is published, "Resident Aliens" will be published in either an issue of The Guild Adventurer or in The Guild Companion.

After a hasty lunch of extortionately priced sandwiches, I waited around to see if there were any takers for the afternoon game, "Special Delivery". Unfortunately there weren't (and indeed there were several other games with no signups at all, so it was nothing personal). The upside was that I was able to have a more leisurely survey of the dealer hall, acquiring copies of Rhialto's Book of Marvels (Dying Earth sourcebook from Pelgrane Press) and The Deryni Adventure Game (Fudge-based rpg based on the Deryni series by Katharine Kurtz and published by Grey Ghost Games). While there were a significant number of second-hand Rolemaster and Middle-earth titles available (particularly from House of Atreides), I didn't see much evidence of new ICE stock around.

I then joined forces with Clare Boothby (who is Chair of the Recombination committee; I'm Venue Liaison) and we went around the convention floor talking to dealers and gamers alike in an effort to persuade them to come to Recombination. We didn't stop until we handed out all of our orange leaflets. Recombination by the way, is a joint gaming and science-fiction/fantasy and filking convention, being held August 10-12 2007 in Cambridge (UK). See www.recombination.org.uk for more details.

Another very enjoyable Dragonmeet.

Farewell for now ...

On behalf of all the Guild Companion staff, let me wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas. We will be back in the New Year, but until then,

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion