February 2006

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The SysOp's Guide - life, the universe and everything else?


Symka: Part 35 - Sean McGinity
Many answers in the penultimate episode of our superhero epic.

The Stacked Deck Chapter 5 - Ronald Soller
Strange companions and stranger dreams for our aspirant Tarotmage. Part 5 of our serial set in Shadow World


The Creation Story - Robert Defendi
An Echoes of Heaven Preview of how the world came to be

The Divine Spark - Robert Defendi
An Echoes of Heaven Preview of the manifestation of good and evil

Ulcers - Robert Defendi
An Echoes of Heaven Preview of the most dangerous locales - hells on earth


Additional Poisons and Herbs - Rebecca J. B. Avery
New material for HARP

Assassin's Kit - Rebecca J. B. Avery
What every self-respecting assassin should possess

Beos - Phil Hall
A new race for HARP


Review: d20 Past - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Everything old is new again


Jukath's Trap - Jörg Jahnke
A scenario for Middle-Earth set in mid-Third Age Angmar

Strategic Targeting revisited - Janne Hämeenaho
A normal attack is an opportunistic strike against any available location. Only by resolving the critical does the player learn where the attack landed.