Additional Poisons and Herbs

Copyright Rebecca J. B. Avery © 2006

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"Now used by evil characters to create hidden assassins and to break prisoners' will."

Name Cost Time Form/Prep Locating Effect Notes
Kush 1cp 5 rounds stems/chewed 1-S-P Stimulant. +10 to perception. Duration- 1 hour. Sold in bundles of 10 doses. 3xdose causes a euphoric/narcotic effect that is addictive.
Caff 1cp/50 doses Instantaneous ground seeds/brewed 1-S-M Stimulant. Sold as ground beans. Yes, it is coffee.
Stareyes 20gp 3 rounds Flower/Contact 7-A-M Application of the green/brown paste to a pulse point reduces all Resistance Roll bonuses by -10. Duration is 1 day. Repeated application 12 hours apart stack to take RR bonus down to -50. If ingested, or max stack, victim is catatonic and open to implanted suggestions. Stareyes are pinhead sized yellow blooms that only grow in ruins. Originally developed by healers for overcoming curse induced phobias. Now used by evil characters to create hidden assassins and to break prisoners' will.
Ashling 1sp 1 round Root Extract/Contact 4-S-P This clear gel causes paralysis of the voluntary muscles for 1-100 rounds. Treat as Stun/Surprise/No Parry Used by the Peacekeepers to aid in capturing suspects
Oakheart 1000gp Instantaneous Tree Sap/Ingest 9-H-J This golden distillate banishes fatigue, delays hits, give immunity to Fear, and +10 bonus to Strength, Agility, Insight, and Presence stats for 6 hours Oakheart is used when Fate Points just won't do the job and a Hero is needed. 10% chance of fatal heart attack when the effect wears off.
Ellona 100gp Instantaneous Rock/Contact 8-M-M Silver paste prevents blood clotting. Causes additional 1-6 per round bleeders on a Crit that has a bleeder Used by Mountain Folk snipers and guards on their arrows and swords to increase damage. They don't allow strangers into their territory to look for it and they don't sell it. Any available for sale or found is looted.
Nashwa 1gp 1-10 rounds Fruit/Ingested 2-T-W Black wine restores 50 hit points, and up to 50% maneuver penalties Once the bottle is opened, it must be consumed within 10 rounds or the effects are lost. Second dose the same day has a narcotic effect that is addictive.
Forgefire 1sp 1-6 rounds Moss/Ingested 5-C-U Clear, thick liquor with a bluish glow. Tastes like ice and fire. Highly intoxicating +10 bonus against fire based attacks -10 to Reasoning and Self Discipline stat Brewed and distilled from cavern moss
Locating Legend=X-Y-Z
X-Difficulty(1=Routine, 2=Easy, 3=Light, 4=Medium, 5=Hard, 6=Very Hard, 7=Extremely Hard, 8=Sheer Folly, 9=Absurd)
Y-Climate (F=frigid, C=cold, A=arid, H=hot & humid, S=semi-arid, M=mild temperate, T=cool temperate)
Z-Locale (M=mountain, F=Forest, P=Plains, W=freshwater shore, O=Saltwater shore, U=underground, Z=desert/wasteland, V=volcanoes, S=swamp/marshes, J=Jungle)