Assassin's Kit

Copyright Rebecca J. B. Avery © 2006

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

Assassin's Kit- 50 gp, +5 to Ambush, +5 to Sniping, +5 to Stalking and Hiding, +10 to Poisoning

Reversible thin cloak, plain on one side and variegated neutral on the other, with pockets for the rest of the kit
Hooded mask in variegated neutral color (No negative to perception)
Fine leather gloves in variegated neutral color (No negative to dexterity or casting)
Fine leather shoes in variegated neutral color (No negatives to climbing or stalk/hide)
Camo Paint (Stone, Woodland, and Neutral)
Gag pads (for drugging and silencing)
Wire Garrote with handles (Crush with no cap on successful Ambush maneuver)
Braided dark cord (binding and traps)
Vial sheathes 10 Hollow tipped
Spikes w/sheaths (melee/thrown weapon and traps)
10 Hollow tipped small Caltrops (thrown weapon and traps)
2 doses Fatal poison- Ingested
2 doses Fatal poison- Contact
2 doses Fatal poison- Inhaled
5 doses Knockout gas in breakable clay globes (use Thrown Weapon skill)
5 doses Paralyzing drug
2 doses Hallucinogenic drug