The Creation Story

Copyright Robert Defendi © 2006

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

"Lareniel looked upon his creations and he wept."

Before Time

Before time there was only God. No one knows exactly from whence God came, but some theorize that He came from another plane of existence that once God lived in another world.

Some heretical legends say God fled a horror greater than He. Regardless, God came, and with Him, came creation.

God looked out upon the chaos of the space between spaces. He reached out with His mind and said, "Behold! Thou shalt be!"

And with those words the maelstrom of chaos formed the dark gulf of space. And into this gulf, God wept at the beauty of creation. His tears froze in the cold night, and as He wiped them clear, they formed the stars of the heavens.

And God took of himself. He took Fire from His heart and Earth from His flesh and Light from His radiance and Air from his breath and Water from his blood and Ice from his Sweat. These, He formed into the elemental planes and transcribed the borders of creation.

And God smiled into the cold, dark nothingness. He reached into the plane of Earth, took of the pure materials there, and spun them into great treasures. From Earth and Ice He formed the lands, to encase these treasures. He took fluids from Water and created rivers and streams and oceans. Finally, He laid a blanket of Air over the world, and called it Heaven.

The Birth of Life

And He looked upon Heaven and saw it would not ease His loneliness. Thus, God gave birth to a Host of children.

God spun these creatures into true representations of His glory, mighty beings of beauty and power and grace. He called them the angelic choir.

Then He created the plants and the animals and gave these creatures unto the Host to spread throughout Heaven. And thus was Heaven prepared.

Finally, He created His most cherished of children, the five mortal races. He spun His breath into these children and set them in Heaven to live with him in joy and peace.

Finished, God drew the Holy See up out of the ground, a giant home of diamond and jewel, into which He poured His Glory. He entered into it, and from there He looked out upon all of Heaven, upon the Host and the plants and the animals and the mortals.

And God was content.

The War in Heaven

The Archangels walked through Heaven and taught the five races. All knew love and all knew peace. And in particular, the Archangel Lareniel looked upon the five races and his heart filled with love.

And Lareniel ached to experience the love God Himself felt. He looked upon the five races and he sought to be more like unto God.

And so Lareniel tried to create a sixth race.

And the creatures he made were abominations, monsters of horror and pain. Lareniel looked upon his creations and he wept.

And Lareniel tried again. And again, he created abominations. And the Lord came and waved one great hand and all the horrors vanished. And the Lord said:

"This cannot be."

And Lareniel besought unto his Father for the power to create life. But the Lord said, "Nay."

And Lareniel tried a third time and again his creations were unnatural.

The Lord looked upon them and He roared with fury. "This, I forbid!" He said and Lareniel cringed in terror. The archangel wept and crawled upon the ground and begged for the Lord's forgiveness. And the Lord found love in His heart and forgave him.

But Lareniel walked among the Host and spread his poison and his pride. The Host listened to him and he gathered followers. Two thirds of the Host of Heaven stood against him, but his followers rallied. Together, they stood against God and demanded the gift to create life, that they might be more like unto Him.

And the Lord said, "This is the crime of sin, and I say unto thee that it is unholy."

And Lareniel scoffed and demanded a second time the power to create life. And again, the Lord said, "Nay."

And the defiant angels demanded a third time and the Lord said, "Thou shalt not defy Me!"

And a third of the Host of Heaven took up arms against their Father. The other two thirds rose up and stood against them. Thus began the War in Heaven.

And the Lord wept.

The Faithful renamed Lareniel "Bamon," to deny him the name of God's love. They hacked one upon another and tore flesh with savage weapons.

And the dwarves of the mortal races came before God to petition Him. "Thy Host has turned against Thee," they cried. "Please, allow us to fight alongside the Faithful. Please allow us to follow Thy Word."

And the Lord smiled upon them and blessed them with the Divine Spark, that they might survive. And the dwarves took up arms and fought against the Fallen.

And the elves and the humans petitioned God to let them fight, but they did not come as one. God only granted the Spark to those who would take up arms. And the humans and the elves joined the dwarves and took bore weapons against the Fallen.

And the war rose in terrible might.

And then the Nopheratus came.

No one knows from whence it came. Some believe it was the cause of Lareniel's pride. Some believe it came from beyond Heaven, drawn by the carnage.

But it came.

And the Fallen Host gathered followers from the Faithful mortals of God; when they fell in combat, the Nopheratus raised them. And thus the dead fought alongside the living in defiance of God's will.

God's love shone from the Holy See. His light once illuminated all of Heaven, but now the Nopheratus came and the Fallen grew. Now there grew lands in Heaven that lay in darkness, where the light of God was not known.

The Host rallied and warred for a millennium, and the Fallen Host began to fail. They arrayed for one final battle.

And they took up arms against the Holy City. And the Faithful and the Fallen joined in one last battle. The Faithful fought and pushed and were sure to triumph.

And betrayal rang once more through Heaven.

The Fallen Host had spread their lies through the remaining Host. The angels looked upon the daughters of mortality and sought to lie with them to create the children Bamon had wanted so badly. Thus a second third fell.

And Heaven fell with them.

But in the final moments the Five Prophets of the mortal races joined together. They performed a mighty ritual as the Holy City collapsed into chaos. They Sundered Heaven.

Creation split into three planes, Heaven, the Mortal Realm and Hell. And the Host remained in Heaven. To Hell the Fallen and the Nopheratus were banished. And in the Mortal Realm the rest lived. God forgave all sins, so that the mortals could awaken again in innocence.

But innocence did not last long.