January 2006

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
TGC's New Year Resolutions


Symka: Part 34 - Sean McGinity
Is this the end for the reporter Dale?

The Stacked Deck Chapter 4 - Ronald Soller
Paul finds himself in a mismatched fight with the slavers. Part 4 of our serial set in Shadow World


Criminal Justice in a Fantasy Campaign - Chris Adams
Part I:† Law Enforcement and Investigation

Hitting by the Piece - GŁnther Lehnert
Combining Rules for Armor by the Piece and Hit Locations in HARP

Speaker of the Green - Eric McLuen
A new nature-oriented Clerical order for HARP

Press Release

Press Release: Echoes of Heaven - Final Redoubt Press
Experience New Adventure in a World for Rolemaster and HARP