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Copyright Nicholas HM Caldwell © 2006

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion


To the eighty-third issue of The Guild Companion and a Happy New Year to all our readers from all of us.

New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is typically a time for people to make resolutions about how they will live their lives in a better way, for some definition of "better". The New Year resolutions for TGC focus on our efforts to get a number of long-running projects into publication.

On Castles & Ruins, all three parties (ICE, TGC, and Rich Kirkland) have agreed the shape and the detail of the contract. As soon as Joe Mandala can upload a complete PDF of Castles & Ruins to me, TGC will make the reprint available through RPGNow Edge. Announcements will appear here, on ICE's forums, and elsewhere as soon as the pdf goes on sale.

On Essence Companion, I am equally pleased to report that the shape and the detail of the contract for that work has also been agreed, and we will release it through RPGNow Edge as soon as we have a complete PDF that we are happy with.

Moves are afoot to bring other out-of-print RM books back into circulation, but details on those wil be released at a later date.

Terry Amthor and I have also been laboring hard on the d20 Edition of the Shadow World Master Atlas - the artwork is currently being added to the textual layout of the project.

I have completed the detailed editing pass of both text and spreadsheet components of the HARP Heroes collection. I am currently waiting on the portraits being completed by our project artist - once they are in, HARP Heroes will proceed to the layout stage.

I have also been at work on Construct Toolkit, the long-awaited HARP conversion book for Construct Companion. I have now worked out the necessary modifications and simplifications to translate the RM processes of entity creation into HARP terms. This includes the tricky business of imbedding intelligence into artificial entities, by magic or by essence transfer (of demon, elementals, spirits, etc.). I have simplified these processes substantially as HARP yet lacks the richness of supernatural creatures that provided the opportunity for so many diverse sources of intelligence in RM. Subject to other demands on my time, I will now be able to write up Construct Toolkit.

In addition to these projects, I also have the first draft of HARP Skirmish, a set of small-scale battle rules by Gavin Bennett, which will enter its first editing pass in due course.

As a result of suggestions on TGC's discussion boards, I am considering running another compilation work under the modified ransom model. This product would be a combination of places, creatures, and items of interest that would provide scenario ideas and material for GMs. This is still at a very early stage as I need to determine a suitable format for submissions in order to ensure consistency and make my life simpler!

Farewell for now ...

In next month's issue, I hope to discuss the plans for the SysOp's Guide, the GM companion to "HARP SF", but until then...

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion