The Ogre Mage

Copyright Kerry Drake © 2006

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"Slightly smaller than their more mundane cousins, they use advanced fighting styles and possess a substantial magical talent."

The Ogre Mage

Level 12
Hits 201
Size/Crit Medium (Large) (7-8' Tall)
Movement 15'
Initiative +19
Defensive Bonus 92 (18 Stats; 20 Tough Hide (Minor); 54 Survival Instinct)
Attacks 129 Weapon; 89 Martial Arts Strikes
# Encountered 1
Outlook Dominating / Cruel
Lifestyle Territorial
Special Abilities Tough Hide (Minor); Survival Instinct; Night Vision
Stats St 75(10); Co 75 (6); Ag 75 (9); Qu 75 (9); SD 75 (5); IN 75 (7); Re 75 (7); Pr 75 (7); PP 84
RR Stamina RR: 76; Will RR: 69; Magic RR: 73
Treasure N2NP3
Culture Tribal, Raider, or Maruader
Important Skills Weapon Kata (15) 74, Stalking & Hiding (10) 64, Tracking (5) 37

Ogre Mages are very rare creatures. Slightly smaller than their more mundane cousins, they use advanced fighting styles (of course anything beyond "bash it on head" is advanced for most ogres), and possess a substantial magical talent. [Note the Ogre Mage is built as a Warrior Mage, not a Fighter].

Combat: A sharp counterpoint to the straightforward attacks of their "lesser" brethren, Ogre Mages use a refined fighting style. Wisely splitting their skill between offense and defense, Ogre Mages will also use many Combat Actions (both Basic and Advanced) to keep their foes off balance and to inflict the maximum amount of damage possible.

Spells: An Ogre Mage is considered to have 15 ranks in 5 spells from the Warrior Mage Sphere, and 5 ranks in 5 spells from the Universal Sphere.

Habitat/Society: Ogre Mages live very solitary lives. Driven by an instinctual need to stake out a region or area as its own, the Ogre Mage will fiercely defend that territory against any and all intruders. Exceptionally smart, Ogre Mages can be reasoned with, and mutually beneficial agreements can be reached (however, the Ogre Mage will certainly want its benefit to be greater than the benefit to anyone else). Particularly powerful Ogre Mages, who have also claimed a large amount of land as their own, have been known to control a group of normal Ogres or a small tribe of Orcs, and use these creatures to help defend its land.

Ecology: It is believed that Ogre Mages start their life as a normal Ogre. However, when that Ogre was born, or at a very young age, its tribe settled down in or near an Earthnode (a Nexus of Ley Lines). Being subjected to these forces at such a young age changes the Ogre; its growth is less than its peers but it becomes much smarter, faster, and with an innate ability to use magic. The young Ogre Mage will steadily become an outcast from its own tribe, eventually leaving the group and searching for its own place (60% of the time an Ogre Mage's lair will be located in another Earthnode). The enormous territorial tendencies of an Ogre Mage preclude it ever meeting and/or mating with an Ogre Mage of the opposite sex. Scholars are unsure if such a union would automatically produce an Ogre with magical abilities or not.

An Ogre Mage is quite likely to posses from 1 to 3 magical items that it will use, if appropriate. Its lair will also contain whatever money it has taken from unwary trespassers or that it has taken in payment as part of an agreement it has previously made. Some amount of equipment can also be found; these being the spoils of battles the Ogre Mage has won.