The Wild Mage

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Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

"Players do not choose their spells unless the dice permit!"

The Wild Mage

The Wild Mage is a self-taught practitioner of magic and is a variant Mage profession. Wild Mages receive no formal training or schooling in the arts of magic; instead they acquire their skills through a combination of innate talent and chance discoveries. No two Wild Mages will have the same repertoire of spells as each Wild Circle is unique to its possessor. Wild Mages can be extremely powerful, but their abilities are counter-balanced by their random nature.

Favored Categories

General: 4
Mystical Arts: 8
Physical: 2
Select two other categories: 3 (each)

Key Stats: Reasoning, Insight

Professional Abilities: Wild Mages may learn up to ten spells from the Wild Circle. At 3rd level, and every 3rd level thereafter (6th, 9th, etc.), a Wild Mage may add another spell to their Wild Circle. In addition, all Wild Mages acquire the Sense Magic Talent at 1st level.

Note: Wild Mages can access spells from the Universal Sphere normally.

The Wild Circle

The Wild Circle is the individual repertoire of spells known by Wild Mages. The Wild Circle is generated randomly using the tables below -- players do not choose their spells unless the dice permit! On creating a 1st-level Wild Mage, the player must roll ten times on the tables to determine the initial spells in their Wild Circle. At 3rd level, 6th level, etc., the player may make a further roll to add another spell to their Wild Circle.

For each spell, first determine the Sphere or Circle by a d100 roll:

D100 Roll Sphere or Circle
01-20 Circle of Magery
21-35 Circle of Elementalism
35-50 Circle of Necromancy
51-65 Circle of Thaumaturgy
65-80 Circle of Vivamancy
81-85 Sphere of the Harper
86-90 Sphere of the Ranger
91-95 Sphere of the Warrior Mage
96-00 Player's Choice of Sphere/Circle

Note: the Sphere of the Cleric may not be chosen.

Having determined the Sphere or Circle, the exact spell must be identified. Again, roll d100 and consult the table(s) below:

D100 Roll Magician Elementalist Necromancer Thaumaturge Vivamancer
01-03 Air Wall Air Form Acid Ball Analysis Animal Transformation
04-06 Bladeturn* Air Wall Acid Bolt Arcane Ball Banish Creature
07-09 Changing Ways Breezes Animate Dead1 Bladeturn Calm2
10-12 Darkness Conflagration Control Undead1 Change Object Size Changing Ways
13-15 Deflections* Cool Create Undead1 Conjure Animal Control Aerial Creature
16-18 Distractions Darkness Curse Conjure Creature Control Aquatic Creature
19-21 Earthen Transmutations Earth Tunnel Darkness Conjure Item Control Land Creature
22-24 Elemental Ball Earth Wall Disease Deflect Spell* Control Plant
25-27 Elemental Bolt Earthen Transmutations Fear Deflections Creature Transformation
28-30 Fear Elemental Aura Fire Nerves Fly Cure Disease1
31-33 Fire Nerves Elemental Ball Inflict Injury Force Wall Cure Insanity
34-36 Fire Wall Elemental Bolt Inflict Pain Haste Fear
37-39 Fly Elemental Resistance Invisibility Imbue Bonus Growth
40-42 Haste Extinguish Fires Jolts Imbue Charge Lifegiving1
43-45 Icy Mist Wall Fire Wall Misfeel Imbue Exotic Lifekeeping1
46-48 Invisibility Fissure Nightvision Imbue Spell Major Healing1
49-51 Jolts Flash Poison Air Long Door Nature's Tongues
52-54 Long Door Heat Poison Enhancement Long Door Item Nature's Strength1
55-57 Mage Armor Ice Wall Shock Mage Armor Neutralize Poison1
58-60 Merging Ways Icy Mist Wall Speak with the Dead Magestaff Plant Growth
61-63 Misfeel Obscuring Mist Summon Undead Merging Ways Plant Healing
64-66 Passing Quicksand Turn Undead1 Molding Plant Transformation
67-69 Past Visions Spikes Undead Mastery Passing Rejuvenation
70-72 Phantasm Stoneskin Unluck Phantasm Repel Animal
73-75 Presence Stun Cloud Weaken Agility Potion Mastery Restoration1
76-78 Quiet Ways Tremors Weaken Constitution Preserve Charm Share Animal Sense
79-81 Rune Mastery Trench Weaken Insight Quiet Ways Shrink
82-84 Shock Underwater Movement Weaken Presence Rune Mastery Summon Aerial Creature
85-87 Sleep Unfog Weaken Quickness Spell Resistance Summon Aquatic Creature
88-90 Spikes Vacuum Weaken Reasoning Spell Shield Summon Land Creature
91-93 Stun Cloud Water Corridor Weaken Self Discipline Stabilize Elixir Telepathic Bond
94-96 Vacuum Water Form Weaken Strength Waiting Spell Tree Skin1
97-99 Water Wall Water Wall Wounding Wards Turn Undead1
100 Player's Choice Player's Choice Player's Choice Player's Choice Player's Choice

D100 Roll Harper Sphere Ranger Sphere Warrior Mage Sphere
01-06 Beguiling Voice Find Shelter Bladeturn*
07-12 Calm Haste Dancing Weapon
13-18 Changing Ways Hues Deflections*
19-24 Charm Locate Food Elemental Weapon
25-30 Confusion Natural Trap Guardian Blades
31-36 Distractions Nature's Awareness Hammer Strike
37-42 Fear Nature's Strength Magic Shield
43-48 Jolts Nature's Tongues Mantlet
49-54 Past Visions Path Lore Mighty Charge
55-60 Phantasm Plant Disguise Reload Weapon
61-66 Project Voice Predict Weather Resist Damage
67-72 Quiet Ways Summon Animal Sharpshooter
73-78 Sleep Traceless Passing Steel Skin
79-84 Speed Reading Tree Merge Warrior's Might
85-90 Tongues Vision Protection Weapon's Fury
91-00 Player's Choice Player's Choice Player's Choice

If Player's Choice is rolled, then the player may choose any spell from the relevant Sphere or Circle -- this includes spells from HARPer's Bazaars and Grimoire if the GM uses those in the game. In the event that a player rolls the same spell multiple times, the player should treat the result as a Player's Choice.