March 2006

Copyright The Guild Companion © 2006


Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Tintamar - a universe for HARP SF


Symka: Part 36 - Sean McGinity
The finale of our superhero epic.

The Ballad of Mitzy - David Daniel Ball
A sequel to the Amityville Prequel

The Stacked Deck Chapter 6 - Ronald Soller
Paul's legacy catches up with him once more. Part 6 of our serial set in Shadow World


Adhesion Field - Kerry Drake
A sticky new spell for HARP

Brother of the Green - Eric McLuen
The second of our nature-oriented Clerical orders for HARP

Enchant Item (Lesser) - Craig Sanders
A new way to create semi-permanent magic items in HARP

Hesitate - Kerry Drake
He who hesitates loses. A new spell for HARP

Priam Temani - Stu Gritter
The world of Cyradon is about to meet Priam Temani, a fully-fleshed out Skaldi warrior. Character sheet in PDF format

Sweet Dreams - Kerry Drake
Sleep well and be well. A new spell for HARP

The Nomad Caravans - Rebecca J. B. Avery
A new background for HARP characters


Observations Upon Vampires - Lómion
A comprehensive guide to Vampires in all their terrifying forms!

Other Vampires - Lómion
Demihuman vampires and other strange Undead

Serprion Hunt - Daniel M. Myers
A Ready to Run adventure set in Mythic Greece:Age of Heroes Campiagn. Playable with MERP and RM