Brother of the Green

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Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"The Brothers focus on the esoteric nature of these areas as they are seen quite literally as veins and hearts of the Green"

Brennick stared in awe on the ferry as the island drew nearer. Though he had been here many times before, he was still amazed at the sight. Before him was an island in the middle of a large inland lake. The water literally glowed in rainbow colors - a side effect of covering a Heart, or node as others might call it, centered on the island. However it was the island itself that drew his gaze.

The center of the island was dominated by the Hearttree. The Tree stood several hundred feet tall, its roots delving deep into the node itself, its trunk at least twenty feet wide but the most amazing thing was its leaves. Amongst its branches every type of tree could be found. One could be oak growing next to a branch of apple. Likewise, it knew no seasons. Splotches of amber and red where the leaves were dying could be surrounded by vibrant pine needles even during the height of summer. Scattered among the leaves could be seen a golden spike of Heartwood in which the blood of the Earth was especially concentrated, able to hold as much mana as the finest gem or dragon's bone.

Surrounding the Tree was Greenhome -- one of, if not the largest center of learning and study held by followers of the Green. Several hundred acolytes, masters and craftsmen lived there full time as well as many guests or visiting dignitaries. Brennick had sent word ahead of his need. An acolyte greeted him at shore to escort him to the main hall where Master Thorn awaited.

Master Thorn was an elf of ancient age. The (nearly blasphemous) joke was that he planted the Hearttree himself. Master Thorn was lecturing several acolytes on the nature of the Green, gesturing with his staff of Heartwood or using it to thump a student not paying enough attention. He noticed Brennick and gave him a steely glare. "Leave us," he commanded to the acolytes who quickly shuffled off.

Brennick walked forward and kneeled before Master Thorn. "I fear I have done something terrible," Brennick said.

"Terrible, perhaps, but I feel inevitable. You did well to defend your people, perhaps even saving their lives in the upcoming winter. Come, we need to speak to the others on this."

They walked outside to the base of the Hearttree. Brennick's skin tingled with the power in the air. "Please, sit -- this might take a while," Master Thorn said, sitting down himself. He then closed his eyes and dropped his head for a few short moments. He then raised it and opened his eyes seemingly focused on a far away place. "Yes, he is here. One moment..." Turning to Brennick he said, "Take my hand. You are about to enter Conclave with us. It will feel a bit strange as you will be linked with several others. I just want you to think of those events several days ago so we all may see."

This was a great honor for Brennick. He had never entered Conclave before, not being a Brother but had heard of it. Conclave was where Masters of the Heart at several other locations were able to communicate as if they were in person. He touched Master Thorn's hand and his mind filled with strange images. He felt as if he was looking at several different people in different locations all at the same time. He thought of the events in the field. He heard multiple voices ask questions and he answered them all with a thought. Suddenly it was gone. He looked down and saw that Master Thorn had released his hand. He was still discussing things with the others. His lips moved but making no sound.

After several minutes Master Thorn blinked several times and focused again on Brennick. "It is done. While we try to stay out of such trivial matters our lands and followers must be protected. Aid will be here within the hour. Come, you must be hungry." Brennick could only mumble yes, still being a little shaken from the link.

After an hour they returned to the Tree. Brennick was curious as to what type of aid would come. He did not have to wait long. Suddenly there was a tingling in the air and three men appeared before him. Another tingle and another group appeared. This repeated several times until there were twenty newcomers. All dressed in leathers and armed for battle. Amazed, Master Thorn said 'Like the vessels in your own body, all the Hearts are connected. Much like Conclave can send ideas to persons at other Hearts, those with the Gift can also send people. We will discuss your needs with these Defenders. They are better trained in the art of war than either of us."

The Green is the life force that permeates all things, both living and inanimate. It is not a personified deity but a force than can be manipulated and called upon for aid. The Green manifests itself most strongly in ley lines and nodes. The Brothers focus on the esoteric nature of these areas as they are seen quite literally as veins and hearts of the Green. It is this reason that communities of Brothers of the Green are found along ley lines and strongholds at nodes.


General: 4 Mystical Arts: 8

Physical: 2 Influence: 2

Outdoor: 4

Key Stats: Reasoning, Insight.

Professional Abilities: All brothers have the Sense Magic and the Arcane Magic (High Magic) talents. All Brothers may use any of the spells listed below as well as any High Magic spells.


Animal Transformations1

Arcane Ball4

Change Object Size4

Changing Ways2

Fire Nerves2


Herbal Enhancements3




Nature's Strength3

Plant Growth1

Plant Transformations1



Share Animal Sense1


Telepathic Bond1

1 -- College of Magics, Circle of the Vivimancer

2-- HARP base book, Circle of the Mage

3-- HARP base book, Circle of the Cleric

4-- College of Magics, Circle of the Thaumaturge

Restrictions: Followers of the green may not take granted mana as a source as there is no personified deity to grant it. Ambient mana should be the preferred source, with fixed second and personal third.