Enchant Item (Lesser)

Copyright Craig Sanders © 2006

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"These semi-permanent magic items are vulnerable to the Dispel Magic, and may become unreliable (or stop working altogether) if they are in regions of low ambient mana for several days or more"

Enchant Item (Lesser)

PP Cost: 15
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Spell Type: Utility
RR: -
Sphere: Thaumaturgy, Cleric

College of Magics calculations:
  • Action Aspects: Instill (15) and Store (20) = 15 + 2x20 = 45
  • Object Aspects: Item (5) and Magic (10) = 5 + 2x10 = 25
  • Attributes: Range Touch (10), AoE 1 Target (10), Duration Permanent (200) = 220
  • Base PP Cost = (45 + 25 + 220) / 20 = 14.5, rounded up to 15.

This spell can be used to create semi-permanent magic items by embedding spells known by the caster into the item. Any spell can be embedded, subject to GM approval.

The base form of this spell can embed either one spell or up to three cantrips into an item.

Unlike permanent magic items (as created with the processes described in College of Magic and Loot: A Field Guide), these semi-permanent magic items are vulnerable to the Dispel Magic, and may become unreliable (or stop working altogether) if they are in regions of low ambient mana for several days or more. Similarly, regions of very high ambient mana can enhance their powers. These effects, positive and negative, should be determined by the GM as need arises, and almost always vanish upon returning to areas with normal ambient mana.

The item should be made of the highest quality materials, and the form of the item should be appropriate for the spell being embedded - e.g. a weapon for OB bonuses, elemental attacks, etc. Almost any utility spell can be embedded in jewelry such as rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, etc. Wands, Staves, and similar items can have almost any utility or attack spell embedded.

Creation of each item requires crystals, gemstones, or similar materials with PP at least equal to that of the spell(s) being embedded. These materials are consumed during the creation process and their 'essence' infuses the item, stabilizing the mana matrix for the embedded spell(s). If the item's magic is dispelled, then more gemstones are required for it to be re-enchanted. First the item is created or purchased, then sufficient PP-carrying materials (gems etc) are placed with the item, then this spell is cast, followed by the spell(s) to be embedded.

The spell to be embedded must be known by the caster, and the caster must have sufficient ranks in that spell to cast it with all required scaling options. The caster must also have at least an equivalent number of ranks in this spell.

Embedded Utility spells have a constant effect, unless the "At Will" scaling option is chosen. Embedded Attack and Elemental Attack spells can be used once per day.

The item created is only usable by the caster, unless the "Unkeyed" scaling option is used.

Scaling Options:

Embed extra spells +6PP (per extra spell, to a maximum of 5)
Embed extra cantrips +2PP (per cantrip, to a maximum of 10)
"Unkeyed" +6PP
Embed Spell cast by another +6PP
"At Will" +6PP (utility spells only)
Increase Daily Uses +6PP (for each use of each spell per day. attack spells only)

Examples (and spells required):
Flaming Sword Imbue Bonus (optional), Elemental Weapon (Fire)
Winged Boots of Flying Flying
Girdle of Strength Boost Strength
Wolfskin Cloak of Shapechanging Animal Transformation
Wand of Ice Bolts Imbue Bonus (optional), Elemental Bolt (Ice)
Fireball Pebble Imbue Bonus (optional), Elemental Ball (Fire) - can be thrown or shot from a sling.
Wizard's Robes Mage Armor, Spell Resistance, Elemental Resistance, plus several cantrips: Remain Dry, Repel Filth, Repel Tiny Insects, and Repair Clothing.
Wizard's Bracers Magic Shield
Elephant Figurine Summon Animal
Enchanted Lockpick Imbue Bonus
Magic Skeleton Key Unlocking Ways