Adhesion Field

Copyright Kerry Drake © 2006

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

Core Concept: This spell creates a magical field on the floor or ground that grabs the feet of any creature walking over it, slowing the creature down.

Object Aspect: Barrier (10) Location (10) Malus (5) Malus (5)

Action Aspect: Stop (5)


Type: Utility Spell

Resistance Roll: ----

Casting Time: Normal (0)

Range: 10' (20)

Area of Effect: 10' Radius (20)

Duration: 2 rounds/rank (20)

Base Cost = (20+20+10+5+5+20+20+20)/20 = 6

Adhesion Field

PP Cost: 6

Range: 10'

Duration: 2 rounds/rank

Spell Type: Utility

RR: ----

Spheres: Mage

Description: This spell creates a magical sticky field on the floor or ground of up to 20 feet in diameter. Creatures moving through the field must make a Strength based maneuver roll (with a -10 penalty) to pass through the field, or they will become stuck there for the duration of the spell.

Scaling Options:

Increase Radius (per extra 10'R) +2PP
Increase Range (from 10' to 50') +2PP
Increase Range (per additional 50') +1PP
Increase Duration (5 rounds/rank) +4PP
Increase Durations (1 Hour) +10PP
Increase Penalty (each extra -10) +6PP