Copyright Kerry Drake © 2006

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

Core Concept: This spell will cause the target to be unsure of its next move, causing it to go last in the order of initiative.

Object Aspect: Body (5) Mind (5)

Action Aspect: Harm (5) Control (20) Influence (10)


Type: Attack Spell

Resistance Roll: Will

Casting Time: Normal (0)

Range: 10' (20)

Area of Effect: 1 Target (10)

Duration: Instant (5)

Base Cost = (5+10+5+40+20+20+10+5)/20 = 5.75 = 6


PP Cost: 6

Range: 10'

Duration: Instant

Spell Type: Attack

RR: Will

Spheres: Harper

Description: This spell causes the target to be unsure of its next actions. Something won't seem just right, the target's footing may seem to be off, the target may need to take a split second to adjust the grip on a weapon, or change the angle of their attack. The target must make a resistance roll against the spell or be placed last in the order of initiative for the combat round.

Scaling Options:

Increase Targets (per extra target) +4PP
Increase Range (from 10' to 50') +2PP
Increase Range (per additional 50') +1PP