Sweet Dreams

Copyright Kerry Drake © 2006

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

Core Concept: This spell will cause the target to fall into a deep slumber, during which he/she will recover exhaustion points and hits points at twice the normal rate.

Object Aspect: Body (5) Mind (5) Time (15)

Action Aspect: Enhance (15) Heal (5)


Type: Utility Spell

Resistance Roll: Will

Casting Time: Normal (0)

Range: Touch (10)

Area of Effect: 1 Target (10)

Duration: Instant (5)

Base Cost = (5+10+30+30+5+10+10+5)/20 = 5.25 = 6

Sweet Dreams

PP Cost: 6

Range: Touch

Duration: ----

Spell Type: Utility

RR: ----

Spheres: Vivamancer

Description: When cast on a willing target, Sweet Dreams will cause the target to fall into a deep slumber. While in this state the target will recover Endurance Points, satisfy Resting Periods (HARP page 26), or recover Power Points at double the normal rate. This sleep is very deep and anyone trying to wake someone under the effects of this spell must make a Very Hard maneuver roll to do so. Affected persons will wake when they have fully regenerated all of the points.

Scaling Options:

Increase Targets (per extra target) +4PP
Increase Range (from Touch to 10') +2PP
Increase Range (from 10' to 50') +2PP
Increase Range (per additional 50') +1PP
Increase Rate to 3 times normal +6PP
Allow 2 things to be recovered +3PP
Allow 3 things to be recovered +6PP