Symka: Part 36

Copyright Sean McGinity © 2006

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

"I couldn't have everything be about us saving the world."

Page 1


Full shot. Gideon, Silver, El Tigre, Marimus, and an unconscious Snapshot appear on the roof of the Winnipeg Museum of Antiquities. This is a teleport effect, with gassy borders to the effect. Marimus is resting on Gideon, using him for support. They all look tired, emotionally and physically. The following text will appear on both sides of the Splash, framing the picture.

Caption: It is over.

To Gideon, El Tigre and Silver, it feels like years have gone by since the first tablet came into their lives. But in truth it has only been weeks. But so much has happened in that time.

They made a decision to collect all of the Symka tablets. At first this was merely to keep them out of the hands of those with less than noble intentions. This was before they learned the true nature of the tablets.

Those that wanted the tablets for their power were many. First and foremost was Manus Katharta, Gideon's father he had estranged himself from. After a few conflicts, Gideon took an opportunity of surprise to take his father's life. This decision put Gideon at odds with the others.

The deaths of Stick and Dale Turcott also shook the group and their mission to gather the tablets took on even greater meaning.

There were others who hunted the tablets, but of prominence was Lurch, ruler of an island in the Pacific named Mordo Island. Unlike the others who sought the tablets, Lurch knew the secret of the Symka tablets.

As Gideon, El Tigre and Silver would also soon know, the Symka tablets were the shattered remains of the larger Asemka, a large stone that was linked to the spirit of a deity named Manapatapoo. Manapatapoo was a proponent of good and opposed the evil schemes of his "brother" Pitawa.

Caption: Manapatapoo "died" when the Asemka was shattered into the Symka tablets over a century ago. And in that time, his brother Pitawa, unopposed, reigned supreme. The world took on a very different road, one of war, violence and greed.

Lurch, who had spent eternity living in fear of the demon Mordo, planned to reunite the Symka tablets into the Asemka to bring Manapatapoo back to this plane to help him combat the demon.

Lurch was also revealed to be El Tigre's long lost father who had abandoned his child years ago to spare him from Mordo's influence.

Marimus, Gideon's mother also sought the tablets, with her own intentions questionable. In her greed for them, she murdered Lurch, the only one who knew the truth behind her motives.

The tablets were reunited on Mordo Island and Manapatapoo was resurrected. Pitawa appeared and did battle with his "brother". But it would appear that Manapatapoo was hungrier and managed to best Pitawa in short order. While Pitawa recovered from the battle, Manapatapoo sent them all home to Winnipeg after imparting some wisdom to each of them.


Page 2

Panel 1.

Silver, Gideon and El Tigre look around them, examining their new surroundings.

Panel 2.

They look at each other, a realization on their faces that it is over.

Panel 3.

Same panel as last, with Gideon looking off in the distance, an incredible weight lifted from his shoulders.

Gideon: That's it. It's over.

Panel 4.

Marimus puts a hand to Gideon's face in a motherly way, with a touch of creepiness to it.

Marimus: No, my son. It is far from over. It is just the beginning... the beginning of a new life for us all.

Page 3

Panel 1.

Gideon smiles. Marimus is right. It is really over. The wheels in his head are spinning. He is happy to leave it all behind and to start over.

Panel 2.

Gideon addresses the others, turning away from his mother.

Gideon: She's right. Pitawa's evil taint is upon the world. And it will take some time to return things to order.

Gideon: I don't even know if it can be done. But I have to try.

Panel 3.

Full shot. Gideon addressing the group, the group listening intently.

Gideon: I'm responsible for so much here. It was my bloodline. I have to do what must be done, to start righting these wrongs. It's time to really make up for everything.

Panel 4.

Gideon is catching his second wind. He is rejuvenated with his new goal in life.

Gideon: And I can do that through Katharta, Inc. My father created an empire to stop Pitawa. I can use those resources to work on reversing what Pitawa has done to the world. In a way, I'll be doing my father's will. His followers think I hold my father's spirit in me, that I am in fact Katharta. I can use that to my advantage. Katharta, Inc. can be a force for good.

Gideon: If you need me, if you ever need me, I will be there for you.

Panel 5.

Silver touches his face, looking at him lovingly. She knows he means it and she sees in him that hero she always knew was there.

Page 4


She gives him a hug, while El Tigre watches on.

Page 5

Panel 1.

Silver tugs at Joaquin's arm. He looks back at her. She holds her hand warmly on his forearm.

Silver: You go say your goodbyes. I'll be at Host's mansion. Come see me later, Joaquin.

Panel 2.

Silver looks at Joaquin lovingly.

Silver: Thank you, Joaquin. For everything.

Panel 3.

Joaquin smiles nervously, not used to this feeling of friendship, seeing that he has truly made a close friend in her, and realizing she needs him there for her, with Stick gone.

Joaquin: I will see you later, Val. I promise.

Panel 4.

They pull away from each other, knowing they can count on each other.

Page 6.

Panel 1.

Moments later El Tigre is with Gideon and Marimus in the back parking lot of the museum. Silver is in the background, flying off in her bird form. It's an awkward moment between the two. El Tigre and Gideon are not good with talking to each other about their feelings. An SUV is there, with the motor running. Marimus is sitting in the back. There is a driver in the driver's seat.

Caption: Gideon calls in a company vehicle to come pick them up. In the back parking lot of the museum, they give their farewells.

Gideon: Joaquin... thank you for everything.

Panel 2.

Gideon and Joaquin facing each other. They both feel awkward, although with everything Gideon has been through, he is enjoying this feeling of camaraderie.

Gideon: You've always been the only family I've had. You took me in, some homeless person with a spotty past, and made me welcome. You never pried into my life; you never questioned me. I don't think you realize how much I needed that.

Panel 3.

Joaquin awkwardly puts a hand on Gideon's shoulder, as a sign of reassurance and friendship.

Gideon: I know you felt you owed me a debt. If there ever was one... it has long since been paid off.

Gideon: Thank you for saving me, Joaquin. Thank you for being like a brother to me.

Page 7.

Panel 1.

Gideon extends a hand to Joaquin.

Panel 2.

Instead Joaquin grabs Gideon and hugs him, taking Gideon somewhat by surprise.

Panel 3.

The two separate.

Joaquin: And you've been a brother to me, Gideon. If you need me... if you ever need me... I...

Page 8.

Panel 1.

Gideon studying Joaquin, this changed man. Joaquin is deep in thought, talking more to himself than to Gideon. He is taking a couple of steps away.

Joaquin: Watchman told me to live my life a little. He said I needed to get out more. That life needed to be more than all of this... this Symka thing. I couldn't have everything be about us saving the world.

Joaquin: I need to save myself too.

Panel 2.

Joaquin pulls out his cell phone.

Panel 3.

He shows the phone to Gideon.

Joaquin: I have a cell phone now. I picked it up just before we left for Mordo Island. I'll always be on call if you need me. I'm only a phone call away. Remember that.

Panel 4.

Joaquin putting the phone away.

Gideon: You've earned it, Joaquin. Really. I'm sorry about your father. I wish things could have been different, but... they just weren't. But I don't know anyone stronger. Don't be afraid to lean on Silver. She's an amazing person. And she needs someone to look after her too, as strong as she is. Look after her for me.

Panel 5.

Close-up of Joaquin, with something in his eyes. He feels for her.

Joaquin: You can put money on it.

Page 9.

Panel 1.

Snapshot unconscious on the ground.

Joaquin (out of panel): And Snapshot?

Gideon: Snapshot.

Panel 2.

Gideon taps on the trunk of the car.

Gideon: He had a hand in all this. I'll be keeping him for a little while before I turn him over to the authorities.

Panel 3.

The driver walks over to the trunk, while Gideon picks up Snapshot. Joaquin is watching in surprise.

Gideon: Mom has had dealings with him in the past. He is a master of information. I can use that right now. Snapshot will be dealt with for his crimes, but after I am done with him.

Panel 4.

Gideon dumps Snapshot in the trunk.

Panel 5.

And closes the trunk. Joaquin looks strangely at Gideon.

Gideon: It's okay, Joaquin.

Gideon: It is.


Panel 6.

Joaquin looks at Gideon suspiciously. Gideon is trying to reassure his friend. The driver leaves to go back to the driver's seat.

Gideon: Snapshot knows too much. Once I have what I need from him I will turn him over to the authorities.

Joaquin: I'll... I'll take your word on it, Gideon. Take care of yourself this time.

Panel 7.

Wide short panel, the width of the page. Far, far shot. The car drives away, leaving behind a lonely Joaquin.

Page 10

Panel 1.

Full shot of Silver at her apartment, leaning back on her computer chair, looking around at her apartment. She is exhausted, completely burnt out.

Caption: Silver's apartment...

Caption: She's barely lived here over the last several months. Her whole life got put on hold the moment she met Stick. His focus and recovery became her own, and she spent most of her time with him. All she had was her job and Stick. Everything else in her life fell away.

Panel 2.

She gets up from the chair, stretching.

Caption: Then Gideon and Joaquin also fell into her life, and their mission became her mission. Again, she was following over the same pattern.

Panel 3.

Silver walks along her couch, tracing a hand over the couch. It is dusty and her finger is picking up the dust. In her other hand she picks up the remote control for the TV.

Caption: She relied on others for their emotions because she was afraid of her own.

Page 11

Panel 1.

She looks at her finger in a 1/4 shot. Her finger is lined with the dust she picked up from the couch.

Caption: Like dust she clung to others, living through others' lives like a second skin.

Panel 2.

She clicks on the TV to the Independent News Channel.

Panel 3.

Back shot of the TV with Silver standing in front of it, facing it. She is watching the news report with close attention.

Caption: She was easily swayed by others, made to question who she really was and what she believed.

Caption: Even Dale Turcott's thoughts infected her own.

TV (in an electronic word balloon): ...Independent News where reports of the theft at the Museum of Antiquities has taken a back seat to all the goings-on surrounding the city over the last couple of weeks.

TV (in an electronic word balloon): So what is the status on the theft at the museum?

Panel 4.

Shot inside the museum. James, the museum's owner is watching over Edith Harker who is overseeing a display being set up. An ancient sarcophagus lays flat on the ground as two men adjust the lighting over the casket.

Voice (off-panel): Excuse me...

Panel 5.

Silver is there, wearing shades and a hat. James and Edith are looking at her, annoyed for being interrupted, but nonetheless intrigued by this woman.

James: Can I help you?

Silver: I am a psychiatrist. I work at the hospital in New Downtown. I was watching the report on the news.

James: Yes, well at least someone cares. The police seem to have but dropped the investigation...

Silver: Please... let me speak.

Page 12

Panel 1.

Silver is remembering Dale as she speaks. James and Edith are now paying closer attention to this woman.

Silver: A... friend of mine was investigating what happened here at the museum. He can't be here right now, but I wanted to report to you... anonymously about the theft.

Panel 2.

Edith knows whom Silver is talking about before she even says anything.

Edith: Dale...

James: If you know anything about what happened, you'd better speak up now...!

Edith: James!

Edith: Let her speak.

Panel 3.

James has no idea what she is talking about, but it becomes very obvious that Edith does. James starts questioning her but Edith shushes him.

Silver: The four Symka tablets are no more. Sacrifices were made and blood was shed to reunite them together and a long unsettled balance has been restored.

Edith: So it was true...

Panel 4.

James is pointing at Silver, furious over his night watchman whose life was snuffed, and obviously still blaming the Symka team for the act. Edith is all calm and grace. She has a smile, putting this all together in her head.

James: Are you one of them damned mutates...

Edith: You are one of them, aren't you?

Page 13

Panel 1.

Silver smiles.

Silver: The balance has been restored.

Silver: There will be no more threats against you, Miz Harker.

Panel 2.

Silver turns and walks away. James is irate and confused, while Edith fully understands and seems contented. She knew the true nature of the tablets. Their uniting is what she intended all along.

James: Wait one minute, young lady! Get back here! I will call security on you!

Edith: James... please. Let her go.

James: Let her go? You've got to be crazy!

Panel 3.

She looks at James with a patience she has honed through years working for this man. He knows nothing of culture or of the significance of the tablets.

Edith: James... it's okay. The tablets are gone. It's over. It's a good thing.

James: Edith... I don't think you realize how much money this museum invested in those tablets!

Edith: I fully realize. I got them for a great deal for you, if you remember.

James: You call that a deal?

Panel 4.

Close-up of Edith's face. She is smiling, like a weight was lifted from her shoulder.

Edith: For what was accomplished? Absolutely. The world is once again safe.

Panel 5.

The home of Bill Bannerman. He is watching TV.

Voice (off-panel): Mr. Bannerman?

Bill: Eh?

Page 14

Panel 1.

Silver is standing in his living room. He is surprised.

Bill: Who the hell are you?

Silver: A friend.

Panel 2.

She sits down on an end chair. He is still freaked out at someone suddenly appearing in his house.

Bill: A friend, who sneaks into my house without even bothering to knock on the door...

Bill: That door was locked...

Silver: I understand your life recently has been turned upside down.

Panel 3.

Bill leans forward in his chair, upset at her, thinking he is being threatened.

Bill: Oh yeah, it has! And if they sent someone over to ruffle my feathers...

Silver: Bannerman! You misunderstand the reason of my visit. I'm here to tell you the management at the station has changed.

Bill: Eh?

Silver: Independent News has changed management. Your friend fought hard to make that happen.

Panel 4.

Bill is still not buying into any of this.

Bill: Yeah? I don't have too many friends right now, lady!

Silver: Dale understood the strain you were under. He understood you were being threatened. He worked hard on making things right.

Silver: Even in the end.

Panel 5.

Close-up shot of Bill. He is realizing that Silver is telling him that Dale has died.

Silver (off-panel): The owner of Hi Tech Henchmen, Manus Katharta, is no longer in power. His son has taken over the company. Thanks in no small part to a courageous reporter.

Panel 6.

Silver is walking away. Bill is in shock.

Silver: The city... the world lost two great reporters, Bill. Trish Wilby and Dale Turcott. Two people who loved their jobs... to tell the world the truth.

Page 15

Panel 1.

El Tigre finally returns home. It is the next morning and he hasn't slept all night. He opens the door.

Panel 2.

Full shot of the apartment. Someone has gone through and ransacked the place.

Caption: Joaquin's apartment...

Panel 3.

He walks through the wreckage.

Joaquin (thinking): My place...

Joaquin (thinking): What a mess. Likely Hi Tech Henchmen came here and trashed the place.

Panel 4.

He crouches down.

Panel 5.

And picks up a picture of Marisa.

Page 16

Panel 1.

He rubs his finger along the glass of the frame.

Joaquin (thinking): Did you really miscarry? How can I have a child if it wasn't the one we conceived?

Panel 2.

He holds his head in one hand while holding the picture in a 3/4 shot.

Panel 3.

He stands up, dropping the frame. He is emotionally spent.

Panel 4.

He exits the apartment through the balcony.

Panel 5.

Far, far shot of El Tigre, bounding away.

Page 17

Panel 1.

El Tigre lands on the front step of Host's mansion.

Panel 2.

El Tigre opens the door and walks in.

Panel 3.

Silver is there waiting for him. She looks rested for the first time in a long time. Host is arriving down the hall.

Host: Have you slept?

El Tigre: No. I haven't.

Page 18

Panel 1.

Silver looks at him hopefully.

Panel 2.

And El Tigre finally smiles, pleased at her presence, happy for the familiarity.

El Tigre: But I'm okay.

Panel 3.

Host feels uncomfortable breaking this up and asking the questions, but he is eager to ensure what has happened and to confirm to Silver and El Tigre.

Host: The tablets are gone. I sensed it the moment it happened. Manapatapoo's return essentially rejoined the Symka into the Asemka.

Panel 4.

Joaquin looks at Host.

El Tigre: They were taken from you...

Host: Yes.

Host: Some woman named Marimus stole them from me.

Page 19

Panel 1.

El Tigre is not comfortable with Marimus and her machinations. He doesn't trust her and he is worried about Gideon.

El Tigre: That woman is Gideon's mother.

Host: I... know. And he doesn't suspect her true motives?

Panel 2.

Same as last panel.

Silver: No. And neither do we. But we are suspicious. She was there when Dale died.

Host: Dale?

Silver: He had apparently gone crazy and she had to take him down.

Panel 3.

Close-up of El Tigre's face.

El Tigre: And so did Lurch.

El Tigre: She killed my father... before he could... betray us.

Panel 4.

Host showing concern for El Tigre.

Host: Joaquin... I don't know what to say...

El Tigre: I don't trust her, Host. And I don't think Gideon is exactly in his right mind. But he made his decision. He is going to try to rekindle his relationship with his mother.

Panel 5.

A stoic El Tigre.

El Tigre: All we can do is be there for him.

Silver: She was blinded and deafened. She is a shell of her former self. She has only regained her hearing. She is no longer the threat she was. At least Dale made sure of that in his dying breath.*

*Editor's Note: Dale's armaments exploded last issue, cracking through Marimus's force field, blinding and deafening her, as well as putting a general hurting on her.

Page 20

Panel 1.

El Tigre checking his hip, which has his cell phone attached. The phone is ringing.

El Tigre: My phone!


Panel 2.

This panel is split in two. El Tigre is on one side, his boss Lesnar from the gym is on the other.

El Tigre: Hello?

Lesnar: Kid? It's your boss, or did you forget.

El Tigre: Sorry...

Lesnar: You been away, kid and I have a client waiting for you. Are you going to make it today?

Panel 3.

El Tigre is not sure of what Lesnar is talking about, but is playing along.

El Tigre: Today? Today, yeah that's right... I haven't forgotten...

Panel 4.

Shot of Lesnar.

Lesnar: Your client Jane Murphy still expects you over at her place in an hour. She left a message that she wanted to make sure you made her sweat today.

Panel 5.

El Tigre is looking at the cell, befuddled.

Lesnar (in an electronic balloon): Kid?

Page 21

Panel 1.

In a cell, with nothing but a little light coming in from a slit in the door sits Snapshot. He is still clothed in the ragged uniform he was wearing on Mordo Island.

Panel 2.

One-quarter shot of Snapshot, looking up a noise he hears on the other side of the door.


Panel 3.

Snapshot gets to his feet.

Snapshot: Let me out a' here! I have rights and if my lawyer finds out about this, he will sue you so hard....


Snapshot: Yeah, that's right.

Page 22


The door opens and Gideon stands there. He has the features of Katharta, including the eyes and the black hair. Has Gideon turned?

Gideon: You have been very bad, Snapshot. Very bad.

Caption: THE END