May 2006

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Heroes of the Terran Federation, some organizations from the Tintamar (HARP SF) universe


The Stacked Deck Chapter 8 - Ronald Soller
Dark sacrifices to a darker goddess. Part 8 of our serial set in Shadow World


A Sneak Peak into Friends and Rivals - Nicholas HM Caldwell
An excerpt from Friends and Rivals: A Character Collection for HARP (PDF)

Blood Magic Extension - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A listing of the new spells from HARPer's Bazaars and HARPer's Grimoire suitable for use as Blood Magic Talents

Gem Cutting - Stu Gritter
Gems are an adventurer's best friend?

Kaona-Taato, or Tattoo Magic for HARP - Cormac Doyle
New rules for Tatttoo Magic


Necromantic Taint - Nathan Watters
How Undead corrupt all who encounter them