Blood Magic Extension

Copyright Nicholas HM Caldwell © 2006

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

College of Magics introduced the concept of Blood Magic, where characters could have spell-like abilities as Talents. Since the publication of College of Magics, there have been a number of new spells released in unofficial publications such as various issues of HARPers' Bazaar and Grimoire. The aim of this article is indicate which of those new spells would be suitable for use as Blood Magic Talents, in the opinion of this author.

In the table below, HB#6 is HARPer's Bazaar #6, HG is HARPer's Grimoire, and HS is Hack & Slash.

Blood Magic Talents
Product Spell Sphere
HB#6 Healing Chant Shaman
HB#6 Spirit Burn Shaman
HB#6 Spirit Link Shaman
HB#6 Spirit Mastery Shaman
HB#6 Spirit Travel Shaman
HB#6 Spirit Walk Shaman
HB#6 Vision Chant Shaman
HG Levitation Universal
HG Repel Pests Universal
HG Traction Universal
HG Clinging Mage, Vivamancer
HG Double Mage
HG Elemental Protections Mage, Elementalist
HG Force Wave Mage
HG Long Ear Mage, Ranger, Warrior Mage
HG Long Eye Mage, Ranger, Warrior Mage
HG Long Whisper Mage, Ranger, Warrior Mage
HG Mind Speech Mage
HG Mind Tongue Mage
HG Paralyze Mage
HG Suggestion Mage, Vivamancer
HG Telekinesis Mage
HG Thunderclap Mage, Elementalist
HG Web Mage
HG Web Bolt Mage
HS Acid Touch Mage, Necromancer
HS Celestial Armor Cleric
HS Celestial Ball Cleric
HS Celestial Bolt Cleric
HS Mystic Ball Mage
HS Mystic Bolt Mage
HS Shock Wave Mage