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Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion


To the ninety-third issue of The Guild Companion.

And so it concludes

In last month's editorial, we formally announced the ransom for The Guild Adventurer, issue one. By the 20th of October, 101 pledges to purchase copies of the first issue of The Guild Adventurer had arrived in my inbox. Everyone who emailed their pledge(s) will have their requested name listed in the Patron credits section of the issue and will be receiving an email from me giving a hyperlink coupon so that they can purchase the magazine at the Patron discount price. We're just waiting on Andrew finishing the layout. On behalf of everyone who has worked on the The Guild Adventurer, many thanks to all of the Patrons - you have made it happen.

We will produce further issues of The Guild Adventurer by ransom in 2007, but we will wait on the feedback of the Patrons and customers before instructing our contributors accordingly. We've also got a number of other projects that we'd like to complete prior to embarking on issue 2 of TGA as getting them published will free up staff members and volunteers to work on TGA #2 and new 2007 projects.

RPGNow & DriveThruRPG

Close to the end of October, RPGNow and DriveThruRPG, by far the biggest e-tailers of gaming pdfs, announced their merger. As part of their consolidation process, they will be harmonising their percentage fee that they charge publishers on sales of pdfs. The new rate will be 30% for publishers who sell exclusively through the new company, OneBookShelf, and 35% for those who sell through other outlets. The old rate that we operated on was 25%. The new rate will take effect on 1st December, and as a consequence, we will have to increase the prices on our older and smaller products, notably City of Archendurn and The Toyman's Fair. We will maintain the current prices until 1st December, so if you want to catch a bargain, buy in November!

HARP SF at Dragonmeet 2006

Way back in 2004, I attended the Dragonmeet convention and ran the first public playtest/demo of HARP SF. At the time, I had a small bundle of paper with details of the professions, the skill *list* (not chapter), some of the talents, the basics of the psi rules, a modest amount of weaponry, armor and equipment, and two new critical tables. Add the Resident Aliens scenario, printouts of six character spreadsheets, and the rest was still all in my head.

This year, Dragonmeet (www.dragonmeet.com) is once again being held at Kensington Town Hall (London, UK) on Saturday 2nd December, with doors opening at 10am. This year, I'll be back with two HARP SF scenarios: Resident Aliens revamped for the complete HARP SF rules set in the morning session; and Special Delivery, involving a spaceship dogfight, which I'll be running in the afternoon.

This year, I'll be bringing a bound 316-page copy of the complete manuscript. The Silth won't know what will hit them - no rules for grenades back in 2004!

So if you are in London on the 2nd December, or can get to it, I'd be very pleased to make your acquaintance and give you a chance to play HARP SF.

Articles Wanted

As you may have noticed, the issues have been very slim for a number of months. We're receiving very few new article submissions for any of our supported games (RM, HARP, Spacemaster, etc.). Without contributions, that state of affairs will continue or worsen. So if you have an idea for an article, no matter how short, write it up and submit it to me at editor@guildcompanion.com

Farewell for now ...

I'm off to write up my Dragonmeet scenarios, so until our December issue,

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion