The Bloodborne

Copyright Phil Hall © 2006

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"When sated and full from feasting, they are simply antisocial and sociopathic."

OUTLOOK: The Bloodborne are pathologically violent. They are addicted to the consumption of the blood of living, sentient beings. They're cruel and violent, marked by periods of berserk slaughter.

HEIGHT: Same as base species prior to conversion.

WEIGHT: Same as base species prior to conversion.


+3 +3 +1 +1 +0 +0 +0 +2 +30 +30 +15 +0 +15

PREFERRED PROFESSIONS: Bloodborne prefer training as a Fighter or anything more likely to cause bloodshed, such as a Rogue/Shadowlade; however, Bloodborne are not prohibited from practicing any profession.

DEMEANOR: It is not that the Bloodborne are filled with hate or anger; rather they are filled with an uncontrollable rage toward the living when their need for blood is not stated. When sated and "full" from feasting, they are simply antisocial and sociopathic.

APPEARANCE: Same as base species prior to conversion.

HISTORY: They are the descendants of unfortunate subjects created long ago by a necromancer wishing to find a way to bring the power, strength, and ability of certain undead to the living. The result was only partly successful, and in the end that foolish researcher was destroyed by his own creations--who then came into the world and carved out for themselves a meager existence--eventually becoming a "race" unto themselves. The illness that makes one a Bloodborne is communicable through blood--just as many other diseases--yet is incurable by any form of medicine or magic; and once it takes hold, that being is a Bloodborne until death.

When a living being becomes "infected," they will become nauseated, ill, and unable to fight or do anything meaningful until they rest for at least eight hours of sleep (treat all maneuvers as Sheer Folly). Upon awakening, their normal racial Ability Modifiers will be replaced with the values listed above; and at that point they have become a full Bloodborne, and will remain so for the rest of their life. From this point on, solid food that is not the warm, fresh, blood of living humanoids will not serve them for sustenance. They can only continue their lives by feeding from fresh wounds on living beings. Many cannot handle such an existence and venture out to find a grizzly fate or kill themselves as no known method--be it magical or medicinal--has proven able to undo the transformation into a Bloodborne. Those that continue on in their odd lives find themselves little different than before--other than their feeding requirements, their more pronounced violent tendencies, and the overall sociopathic quality they invariably exhibit. Make no mistake, these poor people are not undead in any sense: they are living, breathing beings. Only they have contracted a rather intractable disorder that makes them different from the person that they once were.

For the purposes of feeding, each Bloodborne must subdue and inflict a wound on a living being (causing at least 1 HP of damage) and then drink from the wound for 3 rounds. A small child under the age of 10 will succumb from being fed upon and will die, but an adult will usually survive--if the initial attack is not a mortal wound--and can be fed from several times in any given month. Should a person be the target of repetitive feedings in too small a time frame, that person will inevitably perish from blood loss.

Bloodborne, like any living being, must feed at least daily, and usually will feed up to three or four times in a day, depending on the length of the time available for them to eat. Each time a person is fed upon there is a chance that they will become infected by the process equal to 10% + 4% per day that the Bloodborne feeding has not previously fed. Bloodborne may feed from other Bloodborne, and since the "prey" is already infected there is no danger in re-transmission. This fact makes the Bloodborne communities tightly knit and insular. Many Bloodborne would rather not pass on their particular taint to anyone else--but this is hardly a universal thought, as there are those who are willingly and wantonly passing their disease on to others without remorse.

Any consumption of "normal" food for a Bloodborne will cause extreme nausea, cramping, violent vomiting and diarrhea. Prolonged eating of food other than blood will cause starvation and death as normal food will not bring the nutrients the body requires for operating.

When a non-Bloodborne produces a child with a Bloodborne, the odds of transmission from parent to child is roughly 50%, which produces Bloodborne without violence--excepting in the case of rape--however, the fetus will cause anaemia to a non-Bloodborne mother, but this is usually easily treated through a modified diet. Once the child is born he or she will be a full Bloodborne and faces all the restrictions and requirements of any Bloodborne.

The number of Bloodborne in the world is low, and at any given time will never be more than half of one percent of the total population. This is due to the fact that the violent lives they lead often are their own undoing, hastening them to an early grave, and the persecution they face from the other races. Bloodborne are shunned by all races who will usually attack them on detection. It is rare for a Bloodborne to reside peacefully anywhere for long, and despite the fact that cities or towns would provide ample opportunities for feeding they tend to reside in the wilderness or rural areas.

LIFESPAN: Same as base species prior to conversion.



Rage: All Bloodborne must have a special Rage talent that has the following effect --

Base odds of becoming enraged is 20% per encounter, plus 10% for each day they have not fed fully, plus 30% if in combat already. Duration: until fully fed (3 rounds of feeding on a subdued foe) or until killed. Benefit: +2 ST, +2 CO, +20 END.

STARTING AGE: Same as base species prior to conversion; however, their lifespan is usually cut short as a result of violence.