April 2007

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell


Preview: Orcs in The Lost Kingdom of the Dwarves - Robert J Defendi for Final Redoubt Press, Art by Kevin Wasden
An early glimpse at Orcs for the Echoes of Heaven setting


PsiRats - Brent Knorr
A new race usable with either HARP SF or HARP Fantasy

Spells from the Book of Acrion the Archmage - Chris Richardson
A diverse collection of new and potent spells for HARP

The Semi Adept - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A possible set of optional professions for HARP SF

Thieves' World - Background - Thom Jones
An unofficial conversion of the Backgrounds from Green Ronin's Thieves World book

Press Release

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