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Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

When the Sundering banished the Fallen Angels to Hell, they began a slow transformation. Over the next millennium or so, they corrupted into something as physically corrupt as they are spiritually corrupt.

Ranks in Hell

Creatures in Hell fit into many ranks, but the most important to the politics of the Infernal are the Hellish "nobility." They are as follows:

The Prince of Darkness, the Fallen Prince, the Great Tyrant, Beloved of God, the First Angel, Lord of Hell, Most Beautiful, the Flawless One, etc.

Bamon is the Prince of Darkness, the Great Tyrant, and the undisputed ruler of the underworld. This seems unlikely to change through simple politics.


This rank is reserved for Demons who are worshiped as gods by large followings. Politically, they take the role of Dukes, but rarely achieve the title of Grand Duke, because Bamon never trusts Archdemons.

Count of Hell

A count of Hell is the title given to any infernal being who's managed to hold on to an Ulcer long enough to become permanent. They've been given the title of count by expanding Hell's physical territory into the Mortal Realm. Since the Great Fiends were Mortal, and not from Hell, they are not counts, nor would they likely be if they died, since they'd likely lose their power. It's unknown if there are any current counts. The Mortal Realm is a big place and Belkanāth a small corner of it. This is a World Thread.

Duke of Hell

A duke controls a large, powerful territory inside Bamon's realm. Most dukes of Hell are Devils. Certain dukes are so powerful that Bamon gives them special duties. These dukes may use the title grand duke of Hell. The leader of Hell's armies would be a grand duke.

Earl of Hell

Earls are a bit less powerful than dukes and more than a few are Demons of Pride. They answer to the dukes and grand dukes.

Baron of Hell

A baron rules a small portion of Hell, and many of them are Demons of Pride. They answer to the earls.

Master of Hell

A Master of Hell controls troops but not lands. Many of them are dispossessed nobles, still controlling regiments of Hell. Only the rarest Devil ever falls as low as Master, and even rarer still do they stay so low for long.

Champion of Hell

This Demon is an anointed warrior serving a noble of Hell. Without much political influence (although sometimes they have minor territories), they are still often the most powerful Demons, physically. They are known for their awesome combat abilities, and are usually much mightier than a typical Demon of their "race."

Creating a Devil

Most Devils are non-player characters of great power, and we recommend you create them individually. If you need to create a Devil on the fly, take an Angel from the Celestial Beings, above. Then corrupt its powers, swapping what elements it resists and which it's immune to. Reverse virtues for temptations and the Divine and Angelic Spark for the Infernal Taint. Finally, give it a horrific form, its true appearance, and any additional powers and items it's acquired over the years.