The Order of the Cudgel

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Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

The Order of the Cudgel

An order of zealous warriors who are prepared to lay down their very lives to protect the Church and the Crown.

Focus: Caerwyn, Lord of All.

Culture (Temple Locations): Urban environments. The Order of the Cudgel is tied closely to government and as such generally only maintains temples in large towns and cities.

Membership: Any

Benefits of Membership: +5 to all influence skills. Members of the Order of the Cudgel may also bear arms (their symbolic cudgel) at all times, even when in the presence of royalty.

Restrictions: May not knowingly act against the dictates of the Church or Crown except when these contradict each other. In this situation the orders of the Church are deemed to be of greater importance.

Symbol: A simple wooden cudgel.

Dress: Most of the time members of the Order of the Cudgel wear normal clothing. On holy days and state occasions full members wear white robes trimmed in red. At all times full members carry a club of some design.

Structure: The Order of the Cudgel is a highly martial order and, in keeping with military tradition, maintains a rigid hierarchy. Less senior members are expected to pay due deference to higher ranked members and may be censured for failing to do so. Only those who have been formally recognised by both King and Church may advance to the highest levels. The order is presided over by a single Grand Marshal elected from among the eligible candidates by the clergy. This is a lifetime position, though it is perfectly acceptable to retire to an advisory role and allow a successor to take over. In practice, this is the normal way in which leadership passes on.

Philosophy/Purpose: The Order of the Cudgel has one purpose, to protect the Church and the divine right of the Crown to rule.

Activities: Often members will travel the lands seeking to ensure that rebellion never has a chance to become established, while others act in a more direct manner, acting as bodyguards to prominent church members and leaders. Where there is a genuine reason for grievance amongst the populace, travelling members will report back to the church, which then in turn offers advice to the King.

Favored Categories: Clerics who are members of the Order of the Cudgel place one of their choices for favoured categories into Combat (3 ranks) and one of their choices in Influence (3 ranks).


  • Core:
  • Bless
  • Calm
  • Charm (Harper)
  • Divine Armour (Tree Skin)
  • Divine Hammer
  • Dreams
  • Force Wall (Thaumaturge) (COM)
  • Guardian Blades (Warrior Mage)
  • Guidance
  • Harm
  • Holy Strength (Nature's Strength)
  • Holy Symbol
  • Selectable: (8 from the following)
  • Bladeturn* (Mage)
  • Deflections* (Mage)
  • Fear (Mage)
  • Fire Nerves (Mage)
  • Flash (Elementalist) (COM)
  • Lifekeeping
  • Major Healing
  • Neutralise Poison
  • Presence (Mage)
  • Resist Damage (Warrior Mage)
  • Wards (Thaumaturge) (COM)
  • Warrior's Might (Warrior Mage)