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To the 106th issue of The Guild Companion.

Project Status Report

This is a good juncture to report progress on a selection of our various upcoming projects.

For Rolemaster 2nd Edition and Rolemaster Classic fans, the big news is that Rolemaster Companion I will be returning in the new year. Preliminary sketches of the last batch of interior artwork arrived last week from Rick Hansen. Once the final versions of that batch and the cover are with us, Andrew Ridgway, our master of layout, will be able to complete his work and we'll have a reinvigorated Rolemaster Companion I back in the game, complete with Arcane Magic, Druids, Nightblades, Paladins and more. And it will have compatibility notes for use with Rolemaster Classic.

As more old-time ICE freelancers come out of the woodwork, we hope to be able to recover more RM 2nd Edition material from limbo. As the most of the RM2 products were multi-author works and many contributors are still missing, it is likely that we'll be producing compendia of material from multiple books rather than reproducing the Companions as-was. That's a task for next year, so I digress.

One of our projects that has been "on the books" forever has been the Shadow World Master Atlas (d20 Edition). We're still keen that this will see the light of the day, regardless of the impending arrival of D&D 4th Edition. A sizable fraction of the existing d20 community will not be interested in switching to 4th Edition, so we are happy to continue supporting them with a new setting. As the d20 logo and trademark license will be disappearing with 4th edition's advent, we'll be renaming SWMA d20 to SWMA OGL 3.5 Edition. To ensure that SWMA OGL 3.5 is published, Andrew Ridgway has volunteered to work his layout magic upon it.

The new year will also see the release of NW Jaiman: The Land of Xa-ar, a wholly new regional sourcebook penned by Terry Amthor himself. I've seen the first half of this work and it's Terry back at the top of his game. We'll be statting for both Rolemaster 2nd Edition/Classic and RMSS/FRP. All being well, this will be the first of a new series of Shadow World modules.

Long-time afficionados of The Guild Companion will remember our very first product, City of Archendurn, by Aaron Smalley. It was always Aaron's and our intention to follow this with adventure modules set in the same world, starting with Dun Cru. Real life intervened and Dun Cru slipped into the limbo of incomplete manuscripts. That limbo has ended - the final manuscript version of Dun Cru is now with me for final editing prior to handing over to artwork and layout. Dun Cru will be published in multi-statted form for Rolemaster Classic/2ndEdn, RMSS/FRP and HARP.

And no, I have not forgotten about The Construct Toolkit or HARP Skirmish. They are still very much alive and kicking.

Guild Adventurer #3

The first issue of The Guild Adventurer has become our most popular product in terms of sales on RPGNow, and the second issue has nearly reached Silver status already. There's a continuing demand for adventures and I'm personally keen to see at least two Guild Adventurer issues published in 2008. That means we'll need contributions. So far, Robert Defendi has indicated a desire to write another Echoes adventure for us; he also has an intriguing Spacemaster: Privateers scenario up his sleeve. Terry Amthor has been dropping hints that he'd like to do more Shadow World source material for TGA#3, so would not be averse to seeing someone else produce a Shadow World adventure. Various others, whom I won't name, have also been contemplating throwing their hats in the ring. There's still room for other submissions.

We're looking for submissions that are either full adventures of up to 5,000 words plus stats or 3P articles (People, Places and Paraphernalia) such as adventure locations which can be up to 2,000 words plus stats. I do wish to avoid multiple double-length or triple-length adventures in the same issue, so I will be enforcing the wordcounts. Rolemaster submissions should be statted for both RM2/Classic and RMSS/FRP. Fantasy submissions that are tri-statted (RM2/C, RMSS/FRP, and HARP) are welcomed, though I realise that not all ideas will work equally well in both Rolemaster and HARP.

It's important that potential contributors get in touch with me before embarking on their submissions. I don't want to receive multiple completed submissions, all involving undead or demons or dragons or crashed spaceships or roadside inns. Send an email to me at the following address editor at guildcompanion dot com with your idea.

The deadline for all first draft submissions is the end of January 2008.

Farewell for now ...

Just time for me on behalf of all our staff to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. See you all in the new year with Issue 107, but until then …

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion