Words from the Wise (Guys)

Copyright Nicholas HM Caldwell © 2007

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion


To the 101st issue of The Guild Companion from all of us. And this time, I'm not under a self-imposed limit to keep each segment to one hundred words, thankfully.

The Guild Adventurer #2 - Ransom Status

The bad news is that the ransom of Guild Adventurer #2 failed as we were unable to reach the one hundred pledge mark by the end of June. At the time of writing this editorial, the pledge count had reached 82 pledges, some 18 short of our goal.

The good news is that we will publish TGA#2, despite the formal failure of the ransom. This is possible because Guild Adventurer #1 has been very successful and has sold a lot more copies since it was successfully ransomed. Hence we'll be using the money from those extra sales to meet the pledge shortfall and eliminate the deficit. Hopefully TGA#2 will then recover its lost ground once it is published.

Many thanks to everyone who did support TGA#2's ransom - we appreciate your support for this product.

What Next for TGA?

It is unclear why the TGA#2 ransom failed. Part of it has to be the complexity of the ransom process, which was necessitated by the fee increase at RPGNow and the additional length of the content in TGA#2 relative to TGA#1.

Controlling the length is a matter of being more ruthless with submissions received. There is nothing that can be done about RPGNow's fee as they remain the dominant player in the pdf marketplace and it would be foolish to discontinue sales through them. We can, however, change the parameters of the ransom, perhaps moving to a lump sum model (where we collect pledges and patrons then receive free copies) or back to a pure honor system (as with TGA#1) where people simply pledge to buy. The latter method can only work if the product length is kept under strict control.

Another reason for the failure of the TGA#2 ransom is that perhaps we are not providing the types of adventures and adventure-related material that folk really want. We're not telepathic, so if this is the case for you, please tell us! Post a message on our boards or on ICE's boards and give us your feedback.

Once we have completed our analysis of the situation, we will make a decision as how to proceed with Guild Adventurer #3.


Changing tack completely, as you may recall I'm on the committee for Recombination, a combined role-playing, science-fiction, fantasy and filk convention, to be held in Cambridge (UK) on 10th to 12th August of this year. As befits a combined convention, we have multiple Guests of Honor - Chris Pramas of Green Ronin from the roleplaying industry, the authors Jo Walton and Ian Watson, and Franklin Gunkelmann from the filker community. Various luminaries of the UK gaming industry will also be in attendance.

This year promises a packed dealer's room (with the rpg shop Gamers and Reaper's Revenge in attendance), three parallel streams of panels and workshops, two bars, a RPG auction and the opportunity to play in lots of games over the weekend. I'm expecting to be running a demo of HARP SF, subject to committee duties.Chris Pramas will be running demos, though he's not revealed yet what he has up his sleeve - it may be Freeport, Warhammer (possibly even Warhammer 40K RPG), a Song of Ice and Fire, all of the above or something entirely different. Phil Masters will definitely be running some GURPS adventures.

Full details on the convention can be found on its own website (www.recombination.org.uk)

Farewell for now ...

I have to write the auction instructions for Recombination, amongst other things, so I'll let you get on with enjoying the rest of the issue. We'll be back with Issue 102 in August, but until then …

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion