June 2007

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
One Hundred Words on Many Things


Blessed Pantheon - Allen Maher
A complete pantheon and religious system for use with any game system, and a companion piece to Vorlori's Rest in TGA#2. Full article in PDF

One Hundred Goblins (and more) - Robert J Defendi
A complete adventure seed for the Echoes of Heaven setting, usable with any game system


Hundred Word HARP SF Rules - Nicholas HM Caldwell
One new rule and a new item in three hundred words for HARP SF

Large and Huge Criticals - Patrick Emerton
An altenative resolution method for dealing with the larger foe


Blasts from the Past - Action Points - Günther Lehnert
One Hundred Words on a favourite TGC article

Hundred Word Review - Brent Knorr
RMFRP in 100 words


Vampiric Blades - Cormac Doyle, Ryan Fuerst, Matt Hanson, Marian Munch, and Marc Rosen
A set of Vampiric Blades that didn't make it into the upcoming Rolemaster Classic edition of Creatures & Treasures


Hundred Word Gaming Ideas - Brent Knorr, Raphael Päbst, and Andrew Ridgway
Five ideas in five hundred words for Rolemaster (any edition)