Hundred Word Gaming Ideas

Copyright Brent Knorr, Raphael Päbst, and Andrew Ridgway © 2007

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Limpfondle, the fainting sword

By Andrew Ridgway

(Made for the Dwarf Queens Champion, Quintin Limpfondle)

A +30 longsword, of High Intelligence with the ability to speak, Limpfondle delivers an Electricity critical as well as its normal critical. However, if it draws blood, it screams and then faints, becoming limp like a rubber truncheon, (treat as -20 club).

Each round, the wielder can try to restore it to normal (50% chance + Pr stat bonus), but this will only work if the blood is wiped off first. The blade is also cursed, and will always teleport to the wielder's hand whenever they enter combat.

The Blades of Morphious

By Andrew Ridgway

These are 3 +10 black broadswords. They are cursed and will always teleport to the wielder's hand whenever enter combat, displacing any weapon that was there before.

If a character draws a second Morphious blade, it will displace the first, which then displaces it, causing the two swords to blur, giving the wielder +30 and delivering double criticals.

If all three blades are drawn by the same character, they will overlap each other too quickly, causing an explosion, which destroys the swords. The wielder suffers a C Slash, a C Puncture, and a C Impact critical.

The Other Party

By Raphael Päbst

The idea is to have another group of adventurers competing with the players. They make formidable opponents because their skills are similar to those of the players. They just turn up to steal that treasure the party is seeking or to rob that caravan the party has been hired to protect. The players could even meet them in an inn after such a misadventure, a perfect reason for a tavern brawl.

Of course it's extra work to create those NPCs but it's also a good way for GMs to use all those characters that they always wanted to play themselves…

Ring of the Screaming Banshee

By Brent Knorr

This ring is a magic item that a friend of mine handed out in one of his campaigns. Basically it is just a Ring of Flying, with regular stats for whichever game system you are using. The catch is that the Ring only functions when its possessor is screaming at the top of his/her lungs. The idea is that it can be a lifesaver if the ground drops out from beneath your character unexpectedly (like a pit trap) but really isn't of much use otherwise except for very short flights where stealth isn't an issue.

The Headband of Hair Combing

By Brent Knorr

This magic item was inspired by the truly awful film "Treasure of the Four Crowns" in which the hero survives all sorts of crazy traps, encounters with monsters and other events, yet always manages to keep his hair looking perfect. We figured that the only explanation is that the headband he was wearing was magic and has the ability to constantly keep one's hair neat and tidy no matter what the circumstances. A negative side effect is that the Headband seems to adversely affect math skills as there were only three crowns in the movie...