Vampiric Blades

Copyright Cormac Doyle, Ryan Fuerst, Matt Hanson, Marian Munch, and Marc Rosen © 2007

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

This quintet of dangerous enchanted swords were created by the RM Classic team as a friendly competition to add a new magical item to the upcoming RMC edition of Creatures & Treasures. Only one blade won through to the coveted spot; these instead won their place in the Centennial Issue.

Ainadan's Vampiric Sword (Potent Item)

Created by Marian Münch

This blade has the following powers:
+10 Broadsword, fashioned from a copper-looking metal with red-tinted etchings that look like blood running from the hilt to the tip.
Of Slaying Humans.

Hits per round delivered by the blade will be healed on the wielder, i.e. if a target bleeds with one hit per round, the wielder will be healed one hit per round as long as the target bleeds. Thin red lines of blood flowing through the air will connect the target's bleeding wounds and the sword, the blood flowing from the tip up the etchings to the hilt into the wielder's hand. This is just a disturbing visual effect of the enchantment. Cutting the lines in mid-air has no effect on the spell and the hits will still be healed as the target loses them. Note that the wielder cannot have hits "healed" if he has not taken damage.

Wielder can cast Hemophilia (Evil Channeling: Diseases) 1/day.

Wielder can trigger a blood burst after the blade has first drawn blood. A cloud of blood will erupt from the blade and cover all within 10'R of it (cover does apply). The disgusting effect of this blood burst requires an RR vs. 10th level using SD. Failure to resist results in one round of stun per 5% failure.

Amaratha's Vampiric Sword (Potent Item)

Created by Cormac Doyle

Often simply called "Toraal", this blade has gone down in history as the preferred weapon of a long line of Imperial Champions. It was first forged from Star Metal for Amaratha, crown princess of Taelath, when the advances of the marauding Lugrôki sorely pressed her people. The Spirit of the greatest of the Taelath heroes -- Toraal -- was bound to the blade, and his great enmity for the Lugro and their kin imbued the blade with its slaying abilities.

The blade served Amaratha well for many years, but in the great battle at the gates of the city of Taelath, it looked like Amaratha would fall. It was then that Toraal's additional abilities shone through. His abilities had transcended the martial to encompass the sorcerous, and his spirit intervened to grant the blade extra abilities. The damage dealt by the blade to Amaratha's foes began to heal her. As long as she wielded the blade, she became almost impossible to stun, and was encased in an aura of power that intimidated all attackers.

Unbeknownst to her, the blade also began draining the life force of her foes to power its abilities. As this is considered to be evil by many, there is a chance that this weapon will detect as "Evil" if a "Detect Evil" spell is cast upon it.

Stats and Abilities:

  • +20 Broadsword, fashioned from star-metal by a master craftsman.
  • Of Slaying Lugro & their Kin (Shadow-world: All Lugrôki and Murlogi; Generic: Orcs of all types, including goblins, hobgoblins and kobolds)
  • Every 10 points of damage inflicted by the blade also drains d10 life force points (temporary constitution) from the target (RR vs. Mentalism at wielder's level to avoid drain; target cannot be reduced below 1 point of constitution).
  • Casts "True Aura" while drawn, giving the bearer a +15 to DB. This will also inspire confidence in allied troops, and reduce the morale of enemy forces -- add +15 to allied morale rolls, and -15 to enemy morale rolls, where applicable. [Requires 8 points of drained life force to power - this lasts for the full duration of the "combat".]
  • Casts "Pain Relief II" while drawn, healing 2 hits per minute. [Requires 5 points of drained life force to power - this lasts for the full duration of the "combat".]
  • Can trigger "Bladeturn I" (-100 to one melee attack against the wielder) or "Deflect I" (-100 to one missile attack against the wielder) or "Stun Relief III" (Relieves 3 rounds of accumulated stun) once per round. [Requires 8 points of drained life force to power per casting.]
  • Note that the wielder may chose to trigger one of the powers above without the blade having stored sufficient life-points. In this case, the life-force drain is from the wielder. The sword may store a maximum of 30 life points, but it has no way to regenerate the points save through combat or by draining the wielder.

Orseg's Vampiric Sword of Dwarf Slaying (Potent Item)

Created by Ryan Fuerst

This mangled piece of work was created by the Greater Orc Mage Olseg for his champion Orseg. The blade of this two-handed sword is black but the black itself is covered in blood red spots. It weighs twice as much as it should and has the following abilities.

+5 OB
+20 OB and Slaying vs Dwarfs
Due to its weight and size, it adds a Crush critical of one less severity if a critical is delivered.
All concussion damage is one and a half times normal.
For every five hits delivered, one is healed on the wielder.
Every 10 hits drains 1d2 con points
Cast any spell up to 10th level off the Darkness Spell List once per day.
For every foe slain, the wielder gets one additional spell off the list above to cast in the next 24 hours.
Drains one hit from the wielder each day the wielder doesn't draw the blood of a foe. These hits can only be healed using the above regeneration power.

This weapon also influences the wielder while dealing with dwarfs in a negative way. Any actions, which require the wielder to associate with dwarfs that he or she is not currently fighting, are at a -10.

Each year the negative effect increases by 5. So after five years of possessing this weapon, the user would be at a -30 in all non-combat interactions with dwarfs. If the owner happens to possess this sword for more than 10 years, they will begin to actively seek out and destroy any dwarf they encounter.

Sadly Orseg was slain while raiding a dwarven stronghold with his band of orcs. The stronghold was eventually overrun by the orcs but they were later slaughtered by a dwarven rearguard and the stronghold was abandoned. Nothing is known about the sword's current whereabouts.

The Vampiric Sword of Malvidicus the Damned (Potent Item)

Created by Matt Hanson

It was not long after the Year of Carnivals, late in the Second Age, that Malvidicus transformed himself into a Vampire by a ritual now long since lost and became forever Malvidicus the Damned. Keeping with his tradition of excessive gift-giving, Vroomfogle fashioned for his friend a magnificent and useful sword that would aid him in times when his Vampiric thirst would need to be quenched.

The pommel is fashioned with a small pair of stylized bat wings with a small inscription on the handle: "To M, from V". The sword blade is jet black that turns to a dark red at the sword edge. However, the more warm blood that is within 100' (living warm blooded creatures), the more of the blade will turn dark red. In a busy city, the blade would be all red, while in the wilderness it may barely register, depending on the number and size of the animals in the area.

+5 Broadsword, +20 versus Warm Blooded Creatures

Increases bleeding damage by 2 hits/round

Vampiric Battle Blade (Potent Item)

Created by Marc Rosen

The wide blade of this sword is a deep, dull black, and has a grainy feel on the surface everywhere except near the sharp shiny edges. The hilt is overlong to balance the wide blade; big enough for two hands, and the grip is covered in what appears to be black sharkskin.

At first, the sword is completely normal in combat, though it will inflict "Magic Arms" criticals on Large and Super-Large creatures. Every point of bleeding inflicted by the blade will add a +1 bonus to the sword, to a maximum of +20. (This is bleeding points inflicted, not damage taken from bleed thereafter)

When "Blooded", the sword will begin to glow, with an effect as a "Light" spell, with a radius of 1' per +1 of the blade. This light is a deep, blood red, and will pulse in synch with the wielder's heartbeat (if any). All objects within the light will appear only in shades of black and red. All combatants who are "Evil" or "Of Darkness" add the sword's bonus to their RRs while inside the radius of the blood light.

Spells with the words "Aura", "Light" or "Shock" in their titles cast into the radius of the blood light, or touched by the radius of the blood light, will be affected as if by a "cancel power" of a level of effect equal to the blade's current bonus.

After ten minutes (60 rounds) without inflicting a point of bleeding damage, the blood light will begin to fade, losing +1 of its bonus per minute until dormant again.