March 2007

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
RMClassic and RMFRP versus RM:X


Preview: The Lost Kingdom of the Dwarves - Robert Defendi for Final Redoubt Press, Art by Kevin Wasden
An early glimpse into The Lost Kingdom of the Dwarves for the Echoes of Heaven setting

The Phoenicians - Dan Myers
The Phoenicians - a new race for Mythic Greece using the MERP rules set. Article as PDF


Additional Fate Point Options - Patrick Emerton
New uses for Fate Points

Empty Vessel - Patrick Emerton
All heroes need not have the potential to be spell casters

Fate Point Development - Patrick Emerton
Under this option for HARP character development, instead of characters being awarded Experience Points, they are awarded Fate Points


Sunfires - Mika Laine
A new spell list for Rolemaster


Spacemaster Accelerator - David Johansen
Faster character creation for Spacemaster: Privateers. Article as PDF with Open Office Writer character sheets