Copyright Mika Laine © 2007

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

This list is intended to serve as an alternative base list for a hybrid Essence/Channeling Priest. The spells on this list are normally only available between sunrise and sunset.

1) Warm Breeze: A warm (100F) breeze radiates from caster. This breeze can melt ice or simply warm the area.

2) Sunbeam: A small beam of light projects from caster's palm (similar to Projected Light) illuminating out to 50'. Each round this light also inflicts an A Heat critical to any undead within the beam (--10 RR). The sunbeam can pierce magical darkness (but not Utterdark) unless the darkness makes an RR (at --10).

3) Warm Solid: Caster can heat any solid surface (stone, wood, or metal) up to 200F. Every two rounds the caster warms an additional 1 square foot.

4) Sunlight: A 50' radius region is illuminated from the point touched. This light affects undead as Sunbeam.

5) Ignite: Ignites a flammable wooden material. It takes two rounds for the fire to start. Initially, one square foot of material ignites, but the fire spreads normally thereafter.

6) Glare I: The target cannot look directly at the caster due to glare. Any missile attacks directed at the caster suffer a penalty of --100 and any actions that require looking towards the caster (movement, melee, etc.) suffer a penalty of --50.

7) Dehydrate: Removes one cubic foot of water from a liquid. If the target is plain water nothing is left behind. Denser liquids take longer to dehydrate and may leave behind some residue.

8) Sunfire Bolt I: As Firebolt except that against undead creatures the attack is resolved using the Lightning Bolt attack table and the attack counts as a holy weapon.

9) Glare III: As Glare I except three targets are affected.

10) Sunfire Ball: As Fireball except that against undead creatures it delivers double damage and counts as a holy weapon.

11) Blind I: Blinds the target for the duration of the spell.

12) Glare V: As Glare I except five targets are affected.

13) Sunfire Bolt III: As Sunfire Bolt I except the range is 300'.

14) Sunfire Armor: The caster is immune to natural heat and fire. Any heat- or fire-related magical attacks suffer a penalty of --50 and all Heat criticals are reduced by one severity.

15) Blind III: As Blind I except three targets are affected.

16) Glare X: As Glare I except ten targets are affected.

17) Meld Solid: Melts down solid (stone, metal) object one cubic foot/round. Enchanted and special materials get an RR.

18) Sunfire Bolt V: As Sunfire Bolt I except the range is 500'.

19) Blind V: As Blind I except five targets are affected.

20) Solar Wind: As Sunfire Ball except the spell is centered on the caster. All enemies within the area of effect are damaged; the caster and his allies feel a warm, gentle breeze.

25) Solar Eclipse: Within the area of effect, the sun is not visible. Moreover, all non-magical light sources are extinguished; magical light sources receive an RR. Most animals (and many people) will panic.

30) Plasma Flare: Plasma bursts from the caster's palms. This flare delivers an E Heat critical to one target every round. The target cannot move out of the flare unless he completes a Very Hard moving maneuver. The caster can move the flare to a new target, but must succeed at a Hard maneuver (modified by SD+SD+CO). Against undead this attack counts as a holy weapon.

50) Sunfire Supremacy: Caster can use one 20th level spell or lower (on this list) each round.

1 Warm Breeze 10'R C self F
2 Sunbeam 50' beam 10 min/lvl self E
3 Warm Solid target C 100' F
4 Sunlight 50'R 10 min/lvl touch E
5 Ignite target 100' F
6 Glare I target C 100' Fm
7 Dehydrate 1 cu' C 100' F
8 Sunfire Bolt I target 100' D
9 Glare III 3 targets C 100' Fm
10 Sunfire Ball 10'R 100' B
11 Blind I target 1 min/10 fail 100' F
12 Glare V 5 targets C 100' Fm
13 Sunfire Bolt III target 300' D
14 Sunfire Armor self C self U
15 Blind III 3 targets 1 min/10 fail 100' F
16 Glare X 10 targets C 100' Fm
17 Meld Solid 1 cu'/lvl C 100' F
18 Sunfire Bolt V target 500' D
19 Blind V 5 targets 1 min/10 fail 100' F
20 Solar Wind 1'R/lvl self B
25 Solar Eclipse 1 mile R 1 hour/lvl 100' E
30 Plasma Flare 1'/lvl C self E
50 Sunfire Supremacy 1 rnd/lvl U