May 2007

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
No more Dungeon, no more Dragon?


Preview: The Bestiary - Robert J Defendi for Final Redoubt Press, Art by B.C. Hailes
The purpose of monsters in the Echoes of Heaven setting


Autohypnosis - Patrick Emerton
A new skill for HARP

Concentrate Your Mind - Nicholas HM Caldwell
How long can you concentrate upon a spell or a psionic discipline in HARP? A rules vignette

Overcasting and Undercasting in HARP - Patrick Emerton
Casters can sacrifice their physical bodies for magical power in extremis.

Thieves' World - Cultures - Thom Jones
An unofficial conversion of the Cultures from Green Ronin's Thieves World book


Darkan's Uprising of Oppression - Ron Soller
A Ready-to-Run Adventure for Rolemaster - with conversion notes for RMSS/RMFRP