Passage Spell List

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Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"...some spells here could be used as punishment for the living..."

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Special (Deity-Granted List)

Note: This list is usually in the province of deities and their followers who deal with the passage of life or the rites and sacrements surrounding death. These spells cannot normally be used on living targets (although in extreme cases, if the deity in question has been sufficiently offended), some spells here could conceivably be used as punishment for the living (Entombment). Delving and Converse spells are only effective against nonanimate, corporeal remains (animate and noncorporeal dead and undead are unaffected).

Area of EffectDurationRange
1—Preserve Shell 1 target 1 day/lvl touch
2—Detect Resting V100’
3—Converse I 1 target 1 rd10’
4—Delving of Shell 1 targettouch
5—Locate Resting V100’
6—Interment 1 target P touch
7—Converse II 1 target 2 rds10’
8—Mummification 1 targetP touch
9—Defilement Guard 1 target P touch
10—Delving of Spirit 1 targettouch
11—Converse III 1 target3 rds touch
12—Preserve Shell True 1target P touch
13—Belated Rest 1 targetP touch
14—Decomposition 1 target P 10’
15—Entombment 1 target P touch
16—Delving of Passage 1 targettouch
17—Converse IV 1 target 4 rds touch
18—Raising Guard 1 target P touch
19—Cremation 1 target P 10’
20—Delving of Lifethread 1 target touch
25—Converse V 1 target 5 rds touch
30—Converse True 1 target 1 rd/lvl (C) touch
40—Belated Rest True 1 target P touch
50—Resurrection Guard 1 target P touch

1—Preserve Shell (F) Caster can stop the natural decomposition of any deceased creature. When this spell expires, decomposition continues normally.

2—Detect Resting (I) Caster can detect and determine the location of any deceased creatures within range. A 10 sq ft. area can be examined each round.

3—Converse I (F) Caster can ask any deceased creature a single question, which the target is compelled to verbally answer to the best of its ability. The question must be asked within the round following the casting of this spell, and the answer will be given immediately. After answering, the creature questioned cannot be questioned again for one week per level of the Converse spell utilized. Converse does not impart the ability to speak to a creature which could not speak in life; nor does the creature have access to information it did not possess while alive.

4—Delving of Shell (I) Caster gains a mental image of the physical appearance of the deceased creature examined at the time of its death. The body examined need not be intact; any amount of remains (even ashes) will suffice.

5—Locate Resting (I) Caster can determine the direction and distance to the resting place of any deceased individual he was familiar with in life, or has detailed information on (GMís discretion).

6—Interment (F) Caster can cause a single set of remains to merge with the ground, to a depth of one foot/level. The remains can be interred in solid, packed earth, loose rock, mud, or similar firm substance. Note: If this spell is employed against a living target, the target will quickly suffocate unless a means of providing air is available. Casting spells and other physical motion (including escape attempts) are subject to GM's discretion as to their feasibility.

7—Converse II (F) As Converse I, except two questions may be asked.

8—Mummification (F) Caster can instantly desiccate and mummify one set of remains (target must have been properly wrapped in advance).

9—Defilement Guard (F) This spell creates a warding to prevent a deceased creature from being physically disturbed. Anyone wishing to disinter or otherwise disturb the target must first make a successful RR vs. this spell or will be completely unwilling to disturb the targetís resting place.

10—Delving of Spirit (I) As Delving of Shell, except the caster gains information about the deceased individualís profession, realm of power, attitudes, moral disposition, etc.

11—Converse III (F) As Converse I, except three questions may be asked.

12—Preserve Shell True (F) As Preserve Shell, except for duration.

13—Belated Rest (F) When cast upon an undead creature whose soul still resides within its remains or any noncorporeal undead, the target must make a RR or its soul will pass on to its final rest (willing targets resist at -50). This spell has no effect on mindless undead (zombies, some wights, etc.), or powerful undead who are bound to the material world through curse or ritual (such as a vampire or lich).

14—Decomposition (F) Causes a set of remains to instantly and completely decompose and mingle with the surrounding environment (use of the Interment spell first is highly recommended).

15—Entombment (F) As Interment , except the remains can be merged with solid stone or other extremely dense materials (magical or enchanted materials receive a RR).

16—Delving of Passage (I) As Delving of Shell, except caster receives the deceased individual’s last moments of sensory input (sight, sound, etc.), up to 10 seconds prior to death per level of the caster. Note: Use of this spell may be dangerous if the individualís death was especially traumatic (e.g., being burned to death), and the GM may wish to inflict appropriate Shock or Stress criticals on the caster.

17—Converse IV (F) As Converse I, except four questions may be asked.

18—Raising Guard (F) As Defilement Guard, except any attempts to raise the individual as undead or to the limited consciousness imparted by Converse spells must first make a successful RR vs. the Raising Guard or they will be ineffective.

19—Cremation (F) Causes a set of remains to instantly burn to ash (takes 1-3 rds). Caution must be taken, as the flames created by this spell are extremely hot and can easily cause secondary fires. Note: This spell is ineffectual against living targets; animate undead will take 1-3 ‘E’ severity Heat criticals.

20—Delving of Lifethread (F) As Delving of Passage, except the entire life of the deceased individual is open to inspection by the caster. Memories are relived in real time (examining one minute of memory takes one minute of time), but caster can skip around in time through the target’s life at will.

25—Converse V (F) As Converse I, except five questions may be asked.

30—Converse True (F) As Converse I, except questions can be continued at the rate of one per round as long as the caster wishes.

40—Belated Rest True (F) As Belated Rest, except even powerful undead bound to life through ritual or curse must make a RR or its soul will pass on to its final rest.

50—Resurrection Guard (F) As Defilement Guard, except target is protected from any attempts at raising or restoration of life.