Single Realm Hybrids

Copyright Dean Letchford © 2007

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

I have always found the explanation of Hybrid professions using two realms unsatisfactory. Also, the increased development cost of the open and closed lists makes these professions weaker in using these lists than their single realm counterparts making them undesirable as player professions. Therefore, I suggest that the hybrid professions be converted to single realm professions with the same spell list development costs as their single realm counterparts. The professions would be converted as follows:

New Realm Mapping
Healer Mentalism PR/SD
Sorceror Essence EM/SD
Mystic Mentalism PR/SD
Summoner Essence EM/SD
Warlock Channeling IN/SD
Elemental Explorer Essence EM/SD
Astrologer Mentalism PR/SD
Enchanter Mentalism PR/SD
Rune Mage Essence EM/SD
Priest Non, Semi Channeling or Channeling only

I also tend to use the suggestion made in "Shadow World Master Atlas" that Bards and Lay Healers should be Essence Users and Monks Mentalism Users.