City of Archendurn (Revised) - A Preview

Copyright Guild Companion Publications and Aaron Smalley © 2008

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

We are very pleased to bring you the revised second edition of City of Archendurn, which is now fully compatible with RM Classic, RMSS/FRP, and HARP.

You will find the special excerpts at cityofarchendurnversion2preview.pdf

Archendurn, capitol of the kingdom, is your first portal to adventure on the world of Aernth, a medieval fantasy setting with Celtic overtones, tempered with a dash of gritty realism.

In this 54-page module written by Aaron Smalley, you will find a richly detailed living city, illustrated with color street-maps and floor plans of selected buildings. NPCs from all walks of life from reigning monarch to humble tradesman are described, many with complete Rolemaster (both RMSS/FRP and RM Classic) and HARP statistics. Real people for real role-playing opportunities rather than cardboard cutouts. Your players will want to make Archendurn their headquarters; their characters will have a place to call home. A superb set of extended adventure hooks will help you to get your next great campaign underway.

If you have your own world, do not despair. You'll find that Archendurn can be slotted into most fantasy settings with a minimum of fuss, saving you the time and effort needed to design a complete metropolis.

You can purchase City of Archendurn from our store on ICE at, from, and from, as a pdf for 7 US dollars.