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Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Welcome and Happy Birthday

To the 118th issue of The Guild Companion, which is to the astonishment of this Editor also our tenth anniversary issue. I can still remember the secret discussions on the Guild mailing list, originally set up to ensure the playtesting of RMSS supplements, where the membership duly upset with ICE-that-was for canning the last paper-based fan magazine, Portals,decided to organise our own electronic response without recourse to ICE-that-was. And somehow I ended up becoming the general editor, which was never part of my plan. Fortunately it has been fun and continues to be so - though I'd still like to have more time to write articles myself.

Birthday Presents

Last month, we announced the ransom of the third issue of The Guild Adventurer. Formally the ransom has failed. We reached 38 pledges by early November and the count stalled at that point. Almost certainly the worldwide credit crunch and global recession has played its part in this - as everyone is feeling the pain directly or indirectly, everyone is watching the gold pieces of their preferred currency. And some patrons of earlier issues don't want the hassle of the ransom process - they've already decided that they want the third issue now, not whenever a hundred folks have pledged.

So, because both the first and second issue of The Guild Adventurer have sold very well - the first issue has clocked up over 200 sales and the second issue has just passed 150 sales - I'm in a position to follow in the tradition of a small people who are the unlikely heroes of an epic fantasy trilogy and give presents on our birthday. Our first present is that despite the ransom's failure, we will still publish the third issue of The Guild Adventurer. As soon as I get the final artwork from Rick Hansen, I'll hand everything over to the ever-resourceful Andrew Ridgway for his layout magic.

That's the first present.

In last month's editorial, I muttered darkly about my vexation with limbo modules, especially Dun Cru. Andrew pulled out all the stops and both City of Archendurn (in its d20-free second edition) and Dun Cru were published before the editorial went live. As is our custom, you'll find teaser previews of both products in this issue.

Now City of Archendurn has had almost as many sales as TGA#1 since we first published it way back in 2002, and we respect the fact that many of you might like to get your hands on the second edition of Archendurn to make use of the RM Classic and HARP appendices but don't feel that you want to splash out another seven dollars.

I've explained on our forums and on ICE's forums what you can do if you purchased a first edition copy, but I'll quickly recap:
1) If you purchased it from our store on guild.ironcrown.com and you clicked on the Notify Me of new updates button, you'll have already received an email from me saying download the file again (most of the people who have bought it from the TGC store on ICE did click to be notified). Please redownload the product
2) If you purchased it from our space on www.rpgnow.com (or www.drivethrurpg.com etc) and you clicked to be Notified of updates, you'll have already received an email from me saying the product has been updated and you too can go download the file again. (Less than ten people did this for rpgnow; that's a fraction of the people who bought it from www.rpgnow.com though. Admittedly certain of the other publishers on those sites abused the privilege of being able to contact customers in the past and RPGNow customers stopped giving out their emails.)
3) If you purchased it from our space on www.rpgnow.com (or its various other incarnations) and you did NOT click to be Notified, but you are one of the lucky 65 orders who got updated by their system (and I have no clue who these folks might be), then you may be able to redownload the file again. Try and see if you are lucky.

That leaves over a hundred customers of City of Archendurn out in the cold. So our second present is that we have set up a discount coupon on www.rpgnow.com (and indeed all its affiliates and hangers on) that allows folk to purchase Archendurn (revised edition) for the modest fee of one US dollar.

The URL you will need for the discount is http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php?discount=80025 and that completes our second present.

Before you all go haring off to use the discount, do note that RPGNow does have a minimum order amount, so you might want to add Dun Cru to your order as a perfect complement.

As an aside, Dun Cru is also our tenth commercial product.

Farewell for now ...

All that remains for me is to wish all our readers the very best for Christmas and to promise that we'll be back in the New Year with issue 119, but until then …

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion