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To the 107th issue of The Guild Companion, and a Happy New Year to all our readers.

Hopefully you had a better Christmas than I had. An unwelcome dose of chicken pox over the holidays rather restricted my movements - all I can say is calamine lotion is a marvellous remedy for forestalling itchiness. I have been cheering myself up by watching the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings dvds - I still have the four hours of The Return of the King to look forward to and that one I have not seen before. And I can and will claim it is time well spent in getting my mind back into a fantasy mindset after my long sojourn in science-fiction.

2008 will be "Wicked"

More accurately, in terms of what I will be personally working on, 2008 will be the year of "Something Wicked", the long awaited sourcebook for "Evil" in HARP.

If it seems that "Something Wicked" has been talked about for years, that would be because it has been. I was offered the opportunity to write it during the early period of my work on HARP SF, but I sensibly declined as my mind was fully engaged in sf mode. It was offered to another potential author but that didn't work out. So it returned to a limbo of patiently waiting on me finishing HARP SF. Once what is now known as the "alpha" manuscript of HARP SF was submitted to ICE, I started thinking properly about "Something Wicked" and filled many pages of my little notebook with possible ideas over Christmas 2006 (now you can see why getting chicken pox this Christmas was most vexing for me). I submitted an outline for "Something Wicked" based on the notebook ideas to ICE in November (2007) once the epic beta testing of HARP SF was finished.

When I say that "Something Wicked" is the "Evil" sourcebook, it is more specifically a work on Evil magic, that is Evil in a supernatural, magical or occult sense. Evil with a capital "E". It isn't a book on mundane evil in the sense of criminals, gangsters, crime lords, or tyrants, save where they become tools of Evil or transcend "evil" with a small "e" to become "Evil".

"Something Wicked" will not be a big book of nasty spells. To make it simply a grimoire of black magic would be to neglect the other possibilities for Evil magic, such as foul Sorcery (hinted at in College of Magics), the Widdershins Way (eldritch mana sources and dark powers), and black rituals. To be sure, there will be new spells in "Something Wicked", some of which will be available to existing professions, others will be the arcane secrets of new professions. I also hope to introduce new Undead beings and new Demons as part of "Something Wicked".

I am open to suggestions for topics that should be covered in "Something Wicked" - feel free to post either on the ICE boards or on our own boards, which are fully operational once again. Note that "Something Wicked" is intended to be a 96-page sourcebook, so I make no promises that I can squeeze more material in than the outline already proposes.

Guild Adventurer #3

A reminder that as we are now properly in 2008, the third issue of The Guild Adventurer is hungry for submissions. Get in touch with potential ideas so that I can prevent accidental duplication. Full adventures are to be up to 5,000 words plus stats, while 3P articles (People, Places and Paraphernalia) such as adventure locations can be up to 2,000 words plus stats. Rolemaster submissions should be statted for both RM2/Classic and RMSS/FRP. Fantasy submissions that are tri-statted (RM2/C, RMSS/FRP, and HARP) are also welcome.

Farewell for now ...

I'm off to spend another four hours in Middle-earth, so I'll leave you to enjoy this issue. We'll be back in February with issue 108, but until then …

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion