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Baruk Khazd! Khazd ai mnu!

MerpCon (Middle-earth Role Playing Convention) is the only annual non-commercial, non-profit, international convention focused exclusively on role playing gaming in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth.

With guest speaker:
John D. Rateliff
author of "The History of The Hobbit".

Limited seating is available, so be sure to register today!

Yes. It is what so many have been clamoring for: Dwarven adventure! This year's convention theme is focused on the oft misunderstood race, the Dwarves.

Each year many of the participants at MerpCon have asked, nay, plead for Dwarven adventures. We have heard your plea. And so it has finally come to pass. The theme for MerpCon IV, 2008 will be Dwarven adventure. Now, those of you who are not quite so enthusiastic about Dwarves, need not fret. This does not mean everyone will be forced to play a Dwarf character. It merely means the campaigns/adventures will have something of particular relevance to the Dwarves. We have multiple Game Masters with specific campaigns in mind, chomping at the bit (or is that beard?).

This will also correspond to the release of Other Minds Magazine Issue 4 ( ) being Dwarven themed as well. This year's event takes place on the last weekend of July (25th, 26th &-27th), Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The online RSVP form is now available to register.

This event is held each year in scenic Spokane, Washington, USA. This is a completely volunteer-run and free event open to the public.

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