Harp SF Combat Grids

Copyright Nicholas HM Caldwell © 2008

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Vehicle combat in HARP SF is a team effort that aims to involve all players in the cooperative action. Pilots choose to fly offensively or defensively, comms officers use electronic warfare systems, engineers fine-tune the shields, and gunners target enemy craft. With everyone involved in adjusting OBs and DBs, keeping track of all the bonuses and penalties involved has the potential to be overwhelming. To assist in my own campaign, I've created some simple combat grids that allow the numbers to be tracked. Two sample combat grids are included in this article as Open Office documents for easier customisation.

The abbreviations on the sheets are as follows:

  • General
    • TRN = Turn/Round
    • HITS = Structural Hits
    • INIT = Initiative
  • All DB (the scoutship has a series of ratings that always contribute to the ship's DB)
    • ARM = Armour Rating
    • SHD = Shield Rating
    • MNV = Maneuver Rating
    • EW(1/2) = Electronic Warfare Rating (the scoutship in my campaign has two independent EW systems - only one Rating counts for automatic DB)
  • Partial DB (this can be used to record any bonuses or penalties from supporting maneuvers)
    • Pilot = Piloting maneuver bonus or penalty if flying defensively
    • Eng = Engineering (magneto-gravitic) maneuver bonus or penalty
    • Sig (1/2) = Signaling maneuver bonus or penalty
  • Total DBs (this allows up to three separate DBs to be declared against opposing craft)
    • DB(1/2/3) = separate DBs according to the declarations of the various supporting maneuvers
  • OBs (the scoutship has two weapons systems - though my players are hopeful of a refit that will gain them at least another laser cannon!)
    • WP = Weapon Rating
    • MNV = Maneuver Rating
    • Pilot = Piloting maneuver bonus or penalty if flying offensively
    • Rng = any range penalty
    • Gun = can be used for just the Gunnery skill or the Gunnery skill plus roll
    • Tot = either total modifiers to the roll or the total OB

The starfighter grids are simpler as the only potential adjustment is whether the pilot is focusing on flying offensively or defensively.

Here are the two grids - the scoutship grid is designed for landscape printing, the starfighter grid is actually three fighter grids on one sheet. Feel free to customise!