Fey Beasts

Copyright Phillip Ellis © 2008

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"It is a great honour for mortal races to be given a hound."

Lvl Base Move Max Pace/ MN Bonus Speed MS/AQ Size/Crit Hits AT (DB) Attacks # Enc. Treasure Bonus XP Outlook (IQ)
Hounds, Fey 1A 100 Dash/+20 VF/FA S/-- 25D 3(50) 25SBi100 2-20 -- -- Aggres.
Hawks, Fey 0A 125 Dash/+30 VF/BF T/-- 5A 1(60) 20SCl/5TPi« 1-2 -- -- Aggres.
Horses, Fey 1A 90 Dash/+30 FA/FA M/-- 45C 3(40) (See below) -- -- -- --

The following creatures are all animals domesticated by the Tylweth Teg. Although ordinary animals, they have, as a result of ages of association with the fey folk, become somewhat enchanted and mystical. As a result, although utterly ordinary, they have been treated and classified by some natural philosophers as uncanny beasts.

Fey Hounds--mktc-(—,—),U,CDH-6; 3-8 pups.

Fey hounds are the hunting hounds of the Tylweth Teg. They are usually pure white, except for one red ear, usually the left. They are also lean, almost appearing like greyhounds or whippets, with long, lean tails. They also usually have a collar on which are suspended fine silver or mithril bells that tinkle melodiously as they course through the grass. They only give voice when either warning their masters of intruders, or while upon the hunt. Their voice is musical and unearthly, and often one of the first signs for mortals of a hunt in the immediate vicinity.

It is a great honour for mortal races to be given a hound.

Fey Hawks--mktc-(—,—),U,CDH-7.

Fey hawks are used on the Tylweth Teg's hunts to bring down other tiny creatures, such as the smallest of birds, large insects and other tiny beasts. They are very rarely found, usually only accompanying the true nobles of the Tylweth Teg when they are hunting. Hawking is a popular pastime amongst these people, and they enjoy nothing more than seeing a cockchafer or similar beast brought down by their birds.

Fey Horses--mktc-(—,—),U,CDH-6; 1-2 young.

Fey horses are the steeds of the Tylweth Tegs. They are noble creatures, and are usually pure white. Quite often, they have chains of small blossoms adorning their manes, woven there by the ladies of the court as they sing fair songs of derring-do.

Like Fey hounds, Fey horses also usually sport small silver or mithril bells, this time upon their bridles and harnasses. Although they will grudgingly bear saddles and stirrups, most often the Tylweth Teg prefer using embroidered saddlecloths. Fey horses are noted for their high intelligence.

Fey Horses look like quarterhorses, albeit smaller.

Stationary Attacks = 10SCr70/20STs√/10SBi30

Charging Attacks = 10SBa100/20STs«

Carrying Capacity = 150 lb.

Riding Bonus = +0