Improved Non-Attack Backfire Table

Copyright J. L. Johnson aka Grendal © 2008

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"The caster suddenly has the weird sense that he is merely a character being manipulated in some strange game"

01-05 The caster forgets he was in the middle of a spell. He doesn't finish his spell and therefore doesn't lose the power points.
06-10 There is a flicker in the space/time continuum that causes the caster's spell to cease to exist. A small burst of essaence replaces the lost power points as if nothing happened. Weird!
11-15 The caster only imagines he was casting a spell. Luckily for him, he also only imagined he used power points.
16-20 The caster senses something terribly wrong with the spell he is about to cast and halts the process. A single spell point is lost—but the universe is safe.
21-25 Miles away, a dimensional rift opens and closes that causes a mild fluctuation in the essaence. The distraction causes the caster to be at --10 for the next round but his spell functions normally.
26-30 Did the caster wear the right clothes today? This uncertainty causes the caster to spend one extra round in preparation. His spell works just as it should—albeit delayed.
31-35 The caster's spell works normally. But as weird side effect the caster's eyes cross, disorienting him for the next round.
36-40 A vague dissatisfaction with the universe causes the caster to delay the release of his spell for one round.
41-45 The caster suddenly remembers where he put that important document! He also forgot about the spell he was casting. The caster will need to spend 25% of the next round to reorient.
46-50 The caster's spell goes haywire and a dimensional portal opens above his head allowing avian poop to materialize there. This then falls on his head disorienting him. The caster must use 10--100% (D10x10%) of the next round to clean himself.
51-55 The caster suddenly has the weird sense that he is merely a character being manipulated in some strange game. This bizarre notion forces him to spend all of the next round to reorient himself and to reaffirm his place in the universe (as it is).
56-60 An untimely hiccup causes the spell to fail. 2 power points were lost. Sadly, for the next day, the caster's voice is high-pitched and whiny (if it wasn't already).
61-65 The caster's spell goes awry causing his underwear to reverse. The caster is stunned for 1 round, but the adrenaline rush from the experience gives him +25 for the round following that.
66 In the middle of casting the caster forgets his spell. Literally! It takes him D10 rounds before he remembers it again. Try a different spell.
67-70 A surge of essaence causes annoying laughter to heard for D10 rounds. Everyone within 50' is at --25 while hearing the laughter.
71-75 The caster manages to trip over his own feet during the casting process. He stuns himself for the next round but manages to save his power points.
76-80 A sad thought causes the caster to stop casting the spell he intended. And, the tears that suddenly come flowing out of his eyes stuns him for the next round and leaves him at --25 for the two after that.
81-85 While preparing his spell the caster suddenly achieves enlightenment/nirvana. But, it is only a side effect of a screwed up spell. Having all the knowledge of the universe leaves the caster stunned for 2 rounds, then he forgets, and for the next week will act normally except for a confused look on his face.
86-90 An unexpected cough clears the caster's throat and the spell he was casting. He is stunned for 2 rounds. When the caster recovers he will hum annoyingly for D10 hours.
91-95 A slip of the tongue causes the caster's spell to slip away as well. The humiliation causes the caster to be stunned for the next 2 rounds. When he recovers he realizes he has grown a mustache (even if the caster is a female or an elf).
96-100 The caster realizes he is hungry while casting the spell and somehow manages to conjure a meal instead. It is tasty and nutritious but the caster won't enjoy it for at least 2 rounds because he is stunned
101-105 Lucky! The spell goes wild and creates/materializes a toy cart. Unfortunately, the caster steps on it, breaking the toy, and knocking himself prone.
106-110 Oops! The spell goes astray and takes full effect on one of the caster's companions. Roll randomly to determine which one, while the caster is stunned for 3 rounds.
111-115 The caster has certainly had a better day. He accidentally slaps himself in the face stunning himself for 3 rounds and two of his companions for 1 round.
116-120 A flash of essaence centers on the caster and his nearest companion. They are compelled to kiss each other. This will take 2 rounds to complete.
121-125 In the middle of the spell a surge of essaence strikes the caster. He is forced to thank everyone around him for the next 4 rounds, doing nothing else.
126-130 The caster inadvertently rips a hole in the fabric of space/time drawing in a powerful demon. Luckily it is eating a meal (or doing its laundry) and ignores everyone for the next 4 rounds before winking back out of existence. I wouldn't attack it if I were you, you might make it mad.
131-135 In the stress of battle the caster releases a chaotic spell. A random monster materializes 50' away and looks very threatening but has more important things to do and immediately leaves the area. The caster meanwhile is stunned for 3 rounds.
136-140 A sparkling display of essaence centers around the caster creating a pretty lightshow but little else. The caster is stunned, however, for 4 rounds and anyone within 10' must make a medium SD maneuver or be stunned for 1 round as they watch.
141-145 The caster belches loudly in the middle of his preparation causing his spell to go awry. The caster is stunned for 5 rounds and when he recovers he will discover his voice has a godlike echoing boom to it. The effect will last for the next 2 hours.
146-150 A flash of essaence explodes in the caster's face rendering him stunned for D10 rounds. Upon recovery, the caster will increase his appearance score by 1.
151-155 The caster suddenly remembers that recipe his mother taught him when he was younger. The caster is stunned for 6 rounds while trying to avoid forgetting the significant ingredients needed to create the dish.
156-160 A muscle twitch in the caster's right hand causes it to inadvertently focus the essaence there. The surge of power draws the hand to the top of the caster's head then locks it there. The caster is stunned for the next 7 rounds and his hand will be stuck for the next day. Weirdly enough, this does not hamper the caster's spell ability in any way once he is no longer stunned.
161-165 Whoops! While preparing his spell the caster accidentally brushes his nose, which suddenly grows 6 inches longer. This event stuns the caster for 8 rounds as he is forced to stare at the enormous proboscis. The effect will last for the next 2 days.
166-170 While preparing the spell the caster briefly touches the ethereal plane and inadvertently connects to it. For the next 10 rounds the caster will flicker between realities. The effect stuns him for each of those rounds and for the next 10 hours any transport spell (Teleport, Long Door, etc.) will always work perfectly.
171-175 The caster's spell implodes on the caster focusing on the pleasure center of his brain. The euphoric feelings leave the caster stunned for 12 rounds. But afterwards the caster will be at +10 to all actions for the next minute from the bliss.
176-180 The caster might be in trouble for this! The caster loses control of his spell and in his zeal to bring it under control runs headlong into the nearest entity to him. The caster is stunned for 10 rounds and the entity is stunned for 4.
181-185 This is embarrassing! The caster's spell runs wild and manages to disintegrate every piece of non-magical clothing within 20 feet. The caster is not only humiliated but also stunned for the next 15 rounds.
186-190 Adventuring can be fun! But unfortunately, in this case, the caster loses control of his spell and it manages to strike two of his companions for full effect and in addition gives them an A Unbalancing critical. Meanwhile the caster is stunned for 4 rounds and suffers a B Unbalancing critical.
191-195 Serious ouch! Raw essaence smashes into the caster's body. He takes the following A criticals: Electricity, Unbalancing, and Cold (one roll applied to each table).
196-200 This one could really hurt—the caster looses a massive amount of raw essaence. He takes an A Impact critical and falls prone. The essaence spins the caster like a break dancer for D10 rounds. It leaves the caster stunned for D10 more rounds.
201-210 In a stunning display, the caster loses control and manages to do a back flip. As a result, his spell flips out and strikes every entity within 20'. The caster then falls prone and sprains a leg. The sharp pain causes the caster to be stunned, unable to parry, for 10 rounds. Weirdly, the nearest entity becomes energized (+20) for the next two rounds.
211-220 A fluctuation in the essaence causes the caster's spell to go awry. It ripples out and for the next day everyone within 10 miles will feel at harmony with one another. Unfortunately the caster will cause angry, belligerent behavior in everyone within 10' of him. For the first 20 rounds the caster is stunned.
221-230 Creepy! The caster bites his tongue while verbalizing his spell causing it to race out of control. It strikes 2 random companions and changes their genders for the next D10 days. But worse, the spell ricochets back into the caster and knocks him prone for D10 rounds. When he recovers he will have an unnatural attraction to both of those companions that will last until they change back to their original gender.
231-240 In a sadly pathetic display, the caster loses control of his spell after his pants fall down. The spell successfully rips a hole to the ethereal plane and draws a random entity into this world. The caster is knocked prone for D100 rounds and the entity will be unnaturally attracted to, and protective of, the caster for twice that duration. At least someone or something likes the caster because his companions might not...
241-250 How very sad! Perhaps it is time for the caster to consider another profession. He loses his spell and the loose essaence slams into the caster knocking him prone for D10 rounds. For the next day, the wild essaence causes any spell the caster attempts to cast to be rolled randomly from his lists of spells.
251-260 Be careful! The caster manages to internalize a massive amount of essaence, which knocks him prone for D100 rounds. Upon recovering the caster will discover he has unlimited power points (this will last for D10 days). But don't celebrate yet, every power seeking entity within D10 miles of the caster will be drawn to him while the power points last. Also unfortunately, the caster only functions at half his normal level for the same period making him a weak target.
261-270 The caster is in trouble now. An implosion of essaence centered on the caster blasts him to the ground and halves his PP for the next D10 days. For the same period, birds and other avian creatures are drawn to defecate and urinate upon him often ruining his concentration at critical times.
271-280 A burst of essaence rips through the caster's body knocking him to the ground for D10 rounds. For the next D10 days PP multipliers and adders will not function for the caster. Weirdly, the caster's body odor becomes intolerable for the same period.
281-290 A falling leaf distracts the caster, and he inadvertently tears a hole in the space/time continuum. In his struggle to repair the damage he knocks himself unconscious for D10 rounds. Unfortunately, all entities within 20 feet are randomly teleported (safely) D100 feet from where they are and thrown D10 rounds into the future.
291-300 While preparing his spell the caster accidentally taps into raw essaence. The caster foolishly believes he can control the energy until it blows up in his face. He is knocked unconscious for D100 rounds and when he recovers he will slowly discover that every magic item on his person is nullified for the next D10 hours.
301+ Massive amounts of power coruscate through the caster's body. The effect is centered on his head, which begins to glow brightly. The light generated will clearly illuminate a 50' radius. At first, the caster will not appreciate the effect as he is unconscious for the next D10 hours. After waking, however, the effect will slowly fade after another D10 hours.