September 2008

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Rolemaster Companion I, ramblings on Rolemaster


Roleplaying in a historical setting - Julien Buseyne
The first in an occasional series of articles for putting a measure of historical realism into gaming. With some notes for Rolemaster


The Ruins of Baron Fanor the Tall - James Walker
A short Ready to Run adventure for HARP. Also available in PDF


Armor as Treasure - Ward Miller (aka dutch206)
Matching the new armor rules from Combat Companion to the treasure rules of Creatures and Treasures


Fantasy Legal Training Packages - Dean Letchford
New training packages and a new legal skill

The Social Implications of Magic: Closed Essence - R Dan Henry
This is the tenth in a series of articles consisting of notes on each of the spell lists in the RMSS version of Spell Law