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Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"While it can be terrible in battle, it has a fundamental respect for life"

Weapon Stats:

Type: Longsword
Bonus :+45
Fumble: 01--02
Breakage: 1, 2
Strength: 200
Weight: 4 pounds
Length: 3' 8"
Criticals: Slash (Mithril vs. L/SL)


This sword is constructed of an extremely rare material often called "Star Iron," which is named Angil by the Elves. This material does not exist naturally on our world and is only found where a piece of a star has fallen to Earth. It is highly prized by the Elves, for many of them worship the stars.

At just over three and a half feet long, the blade of this weapon is slender, about two and a half inches wide at the hilt, narrowing slightly to about one and a quarter inches just before the triangular point. The hilt and crosspiece are beautiful in their simplicity. A recessed area runs the length of the blade along both sides, wherein one can see faint etchings in the metal.

The etchings in the metal are actually runes inlaid with a metal the Elves call Ithildin. In daylight these runes are almost invisible, but under star or moon light, the metal takes on its true nature and turns a lustrous silver color. The runes shine brightly and provide enough light for Nightvision to work. A normal person can see about 5 feet from this light on a moonless night. These runes are not dimmed by a Darkness or Utterdark spell.

The runes are magical symbols of what the Elves consider the four elements of life; Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.


This is a self-recharging magical item. It can store a total of ten charges. The weapon will recharge itself at a rate of one charge every four hours. Outside at night, under star or moon light, the weapon will recharge at up to a rate of one charge per hour, depending on the amount of cloud cover and/or moonlight.

Activating an ability is a 0% action and does not count as casting a spell, but does count against the one-action-per-phase limit. Each charge can have one of the following effects. The wielder may have more than one effect active at one time. Multiple applications of the same effect increases its duration.

  • Sword of Earth: Imbued with the strength and solidity of elemental Earth, the weapon hits with increased power.
    • Double concussion damage for 5 rounds
  • Sword of Wind: Imbued with the quickness and agility of elemental Wind, the wielder flows through combat like the wind through the trees.
    • Haste and +25 to all moving maneuvers for 5 rounds
  • Sword of Fire: With the aggressiveness of elemental Fire, the wielder becomes more focused on attack, and less on defense.
    • For 5 rounds the wielder gains +10 Initiative, +25 OB, and cannot be stunned. However, the wielder cannot parry, and if forced to parry by a critical result may only attack with OB.
  • Sword of Water: Elemental Water infuses the weapon with the ability to move through its target, causing increased damage and bleeding.
    • For 5 rounds, the sword inflicts an additional Slash critical on any critical strike, one severity less. Against Large or Super Large creatures, the sword inflicts an additional Magic critical.

Other Notes:

This weapon epitomizes the nature of the Elvish warrior. While it can be terrible in battle, it has a fundamental respect for life, and actually draws its power from the four elements found in all living beings. This weapon will not allow itself to be used by any evil or chaotic being, or in an evil or chaotic fashion. A 'neutral' being that picked it up would only find it to be a well-made weapon, but would not have access to any of the special powers. Only a good and lawful being can wield the full power of this weapon.

This weapon is a Greater Elven Artifact.