A Staff of Power

Copyright Steve Kellison © 2009

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"It is warm to the touch, and has a massive power signature for magical detection."


This is a six-foot long, dark wooden staff about one and a half inches in diameter. The staff weighs 3 pounds. The staff is carved the entire length with runes and symbols of power. It is warm to the touch, and has a massive "power signature" for magical detection. It must be attuned to for any of the powers to work, other than its intrinsic melee bonus.

Fumble Range: 1--2
Breakage Numbers: 7 (1 if it has at least one charge.)
Weapon Strength: 75 (100 if it has at least one charge)


+20 quarterstaff, strikes on the Magic column against Large and Super Large creatures.

It draws power from the environment to recharge itself. It will recover one charge every eight hours, assuming there is power in the area. (It is capable of 'depleting' an area while recharging if using Strange Magic rules.)

If one end is planted in the ground inside an earthnode, it will recover one charge per hour.

It can store any one spell for later use. This stored spell does not interfere with normal spell casting or the other powers of this staff.

Stores up to 20 charges which can be used as stated below.

  • Power uses:
    • 1 Charge (per 10' radius) - Magelight. Bathes the area in magical energy, creating waves of magical resonance. All spells become visible. This effect lasts for one hour.
    • 2 Charges - Mana Wall. Creates a 10' x 10' x 1"; wall of magical energy. Anyone passing through the wall takes an 'A' severity Mana critical (no RR). No spells will pass through the wall, and no power can be detected through the wall. Elemental attacks will still work through the wall, as long as the element is created before the spell has to go through the wall. Mana or Void attacks will not go through the wall, since they are made of power (or the absence of power). The wall will last for one hour.
    • 3 Charges - Mana Bolt. 100' range, +20 to the attack roll.
    • 5 Charges - Mana Ball. 100' range, 10' radius, +20 to the attack roll.
  • "At Will" abilities: These abilities function at will, and are not counted against action limitations or spell casting limits. They must be declared before the attack roll. All of the effects last for one melee attack.
    • For one charge the staff will do double normal damage in melee.
    • For four charges, the staff will do triple normal damage and Mithril crits against Large or Super Large creatures.
    • The wielder may increase his OB with the staff by +10 per charge. The wielder may use as many charges as he wishes. If all the remaining charges are used, and the staff hits its target, the staff must roll for breakage. (The wielder may choose to break the staff on purpose, resulting in a --50 penalty to the breakage roll.) If the staff breaks, there is an explosion of magical energy with the following effects:
      • +50, 5 damage Mana Ball, centered on the target (who also gets the +20 center of effect bonus) hitting all targets within a 10' radius, including the wielder.
        • Treat as a +30, 3 damage Mana Ball from 11--20 feet.
        • Treat as a +10, 2 damage Mana Ball from 21--30 feet.
        • Treat as a +0 Mana Ball from 31--50 feet.
      • All magic items within a 10' radius must resist vs. a 20th level effect or be destroyed.
      • The GM may choose other random "wild magic" effects.

Notes: When this staff is drawing power from the environment it is detectable with Power Perception. Even though it draws power slowly, it still has a tangible effect on the local mana. This is only detectable at about 100 yards. When the staff draws power from an earthnode or similar power source, it can be detected at a range of up to 1000 yards.