The Uruš Monster

Copyright Tim Harper (aka Samwise7) © 2009

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"They have sharp claws, twisted horns, and very strong jaws with big pointy teeth."

The Uruš (ooh-rush) (1st Level) Monster

Level 1
Size Large
Base Movement Rate 11'
Initiative +17
Defense Bonus DB +54
Hits +99
Attacks: Horns 62 L-Puncture, Claws 62 L-Slashing, Bite 45 M-Puncture
Number Encountered 1-4
Outlook Aggressive, Hostile, and Hungry
Treasure - - -
Stamina 58
Will 50
Magic 50

These large and sometimes violent creatures have black, red, and brown fur. They are very territorial, especially during mating season, and will charge intruders until they leave. They have sharp claws, twisted horns, and very strong jaws with big pointy teeth. They have great hearing, and can feel with long cat-like whiskers on their faces in the dark.

Special Abilities:

Tough Hide (Major) --Monsters with this ability gain a +40 bonus to DB from extremely tough hides or heavy course fur.

Dark Feeling (Lesser) -- The monster is able to see/feel up to 10' in total darkness. With at least some illumination, they also gain a +10 bonus to their Perception skill.

Natural Weapons (Bite, Claws, and Horns) --Monsters with ability have a natural weapon that they can use such as Bite, Claws, and Horns. The monster may learn to use them as if they were learning a Martial Arts skill.

Lightning Reflexes (As Per Fighter Profession) --+5 to initiative rolls

IQ --The Uruš are moderately smart monsters and will lie in wait for the animal prey that they eat.

DB -- +20 Stats, +40 Tough Hide (Major)

Skills --

Climbing (6) +47
Martial Arts Strikes (Horns) (5) +62
Martial Arts Strikes (Claws) (6) +62
Martial Arts Strikes (Bite) (6) +45
Perception (6) +50
RR Magic (6) +50
RR Stamina (6) +58
RR Will (6) +50
Tracking (6) +40
Endurance (5) +90
Jumping (4) +37
Swimming (5) +42
Stalking & Hiding (3) +27

Monsters Are People Too
St +5 Co +4 Ag +2 Qu +2 SD +0 Re -2 In +0 Pr +0
Endurance 60
Power Points 0
RR Stamina 20; RR Will 5; RR Magic 5

Images of the Uruš

front view

rear view

profile view