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To the 122nd issue of The Guild Companion and our fourth podcast

Guild Adventurer #3 and #4

I am very pleased to be able to announce that the third issue of the Guild Adventurer has successfully completed the layout phase. It should be available for purchase very shortly. It may even be so by the time you read this editorial.

Guild Adventurer #3 kicks off with "The Quiet Time", an Echoes of Heaven scenario by Robert Defendi. It is statted for both Rolemaster and HARP, and you'll be able to slot this one into most fantasy worlds without any problems. In "Dust to Dust", Marc Rosen gives us a dangerous and diverting interlude adventure that is just perfect for breaking up a long journey. "Dust to Dust" has also been statted for Rolemaster and HARP. "Identity Theft" is a Spacemaster:Privateers adventure from Robert Defendi which will challenge any group of successful privateers. Terry Amthor returns to Shadow World and northwestern Jaiman with "The Keeper of the Thorn", a scenario statted for both flavours of Rolemaster. Finally our historical experts, Laura Trauth and Terence Wynne, brings us "Money in Fantasy Role-Playing Campaigns". This is the first in a series of articles on "Sweating the Small Stuff", which aims to bring unexpected depths to campaigns by focusing on the little details of the world. It is also liberally sprinkled with adventure ideas.

You will find the final product available for purchase at the TGC store on ICE's site (guild.ironcrown.com), www.rpgnow.com (and all its affiliates), and www.yourgamesnow.com. Use whichever e-outlet suits you. There's a preview on the RPGNow site - my ancient copy of Adobe came unstuck on some of Andrew's fonts, so no preview in this issue unfortunately (despite what the podcast claims).

Work is already underway on the fourth issue of the Guild Adventurer - some people who have promised submissions have already had nudges from me in their inboxes. There's still room for 3P (People, Paraphernalia and Places) articles for issue 4. Drop me an email at editor at guildcompanion dot com with your idea and be prepared to write a first draft by the end of April if you are interested in doing one of these.. Anyone who would like to contribute a full adventure is welcome to pitch an idea, but once again you'll need to hurry. I am hoping that we can publish more than one TGA this year; my ideal would be TGA#3 this month, TGA#4 in the summer (or winter in the southern hemisphere), and TGA#5 before the close of the year. Thus even if you can't make TGA#4, TGA#5 won't be that far out.

ICE Alien Contest

You may be aware that ICE have been and are running a series of artwork contests. One of these focuses on Aliens and Alien Lifeforms. I've been asked to be a guest judge for this contest. I'm interested in genuinely new alien races, not humans with grotesque face masks. If they are also biologically plausible, I might even see my way to writing them up as new HARP SciFi races. So make them good and get them to ICE by their June 1st deadline. You can find full details on the contest by following links from ICE's home page.

HARP SF Xtreme and Something Wicked

My multiple projects crisis in the real world has calmed down as predicted, though I have had some nervy moments when a couple of the zombie projects twitched. I know - cut their heads off and burn the bodies. The upshot is that I had the opportunity to scan through a preliminary layout of HARP SF Xtreme. I've identified a number of errors and glaring omissions and reported these to ICE. We'll hopefully see HARP SF Xtreme go to a Delta or a Gamma version soon, though there's no word yet unfortunately on the art arriving for either HARP SciFi or HARP SF Xtreme.

I've been able to "read" myself back into the Something Wicked manuscript and its Demons chapter. I have even been able to write a couple of new pages and am currently working on the descriptions of the Abyss, which is the name I'm giving to the collection of infernal subplanes where the Demons dwell and rule. I'm deliberately seeking to be different from Rolemaster's conception of the demonic realms as the six Pales and the Void so that ICE fans have more choices to play with. I'm also trying to avoid any real-world religious beliefs about hell and demons in order to avoid giving offense. But it is a tight-rope to walk. Then again, I always knew that the Demons chapter of this book would be the hardest to create.

Wish me luck.

Farewell for now ...

I'm in the mood to get back to my writing, those of you wanting to write for Guild Adventurer or the Guild Companion magazine need to get on with your writing, and everyone else can enjoy the rest of the issue. We'll be back in May with issue 123, but until then ...

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion