Ten Items of Interest

Copyright R. Dan Henry © 2009

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"Some of the early Elves were pompous by modern standards, but they did some impressive work"

This is a selection of magic items with no particular theme. Some are very powerful, some are not. As always, use or modify as suits your campaign. No warrantee express or implied comes with these items. They are intended for RMSS/RMFRP, but should be easily converted to other versions of Rolemaster and possibly inspirational in creating items for other games.

The Crown of Eyes

This headdress consists of a decorated leather cap, encrusted with precious metal and precious and semi-precious stones. A complete set of peacock tail feathers in fully fanned display is anchored to the back of the cap. The history of this item is particularly obscure, as its owners have always been of a secretive nature.

The powers of the Crown of Eyes are as follows:

  • It is a x3 Essence PP multiplier.
  • It is a +6 Spell Adder for illusions only.
  • It grants a +30 bonus to Spell Mastery rolls applied to illusions.
  • It provides a +12 bonus to the Awareness skill group.
  • It grants a +15 bonus to SCSM rolls when casting illusions.

The Axe of Doom

This 5' black battleaxe dates from the Age of the Demigods. It is said to have been created by Dusak, but current research strongly supports the idea that many items have been attributed to Dusak merely because he was the greatest and most well-known crafter of magic items in the Age of the Demigods. However, history does record that this axe has had several famed bearers who cut bloody fame for themselves across many battlefields. Few of these bearers have lived to see old age.

The powers of the Axe of Doom are:

  • It is a +30 magical battleaxe.
  • All crits scored are increased by one level of severity (A becomes B, B becomes C, an E does an extra A crit).
  • The wielder has a +5 initiative bonus.
  • The wielder receives a +25 bonus to all RRs.
  • The wielder gains +50 DB versus all energy-based attacks (fire, electricity, mana, etc.).
  • All enemies in a 60' radius must save vs. 30th level fear attack or be afraid: failure by 1-20 results in -20 to all actions for 1 round per point of failure; failure by 21-50 means they will flee; failure by 51+ results in paralysis, lasting 1 round per point of failure (treat as stun/no parry until they are attacked, in the following round they can begin to act, with a -25 to all actions until the duration is over).
  • The wielder is completely immune to fear and will not parry unless unable to attack in an offensive manner (e.g., suffering a "must parry" result).

Bigbane Weapons

These weapons were forged by the Dwarven mastersmith Jorgen Wisehammer after some giants made insulting remarks regarding his height. All Bigbane weapons are two-handed weapons of various types.

  • These weapons are normally +10 magical weapons.
  • Used against a foe whose size is Large, they are +30 weapons.
  • Used against a foe whose size is Huge, they are +50 weapons.
  • Somewhere on the weapon are Dwarven runes that read, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

Yaran's Shield

In a land plagued with medusae, the Paladin Yaran brought peace. While his great skill and daring should not be questioned, some credit for his success must be given to his shield, which is said to have come to him directly from his god. Skeptical scholars have suggested that alchemists among the clergy might be a more likely source. In either case, the workmanship is remarkable. The shield is oak, with the surface entirely covered in bronze. The bronze is worked in great detail, showing episodes from legend and quoting pious aphorisms.

The powers of Yaran's Shield are:

  • It is a +40 (magical) normal shield.
  • The bearer receives +20 to RRs against magic.
  • The bearer may make an Easy maneuver (bearer may develop a special skill, Gaze Reflection, in the Combat Maneuvers category, to improve his ability) to reflect a gaze attack back on its source.
  • Once the bearer has made a Medium Attunement maneuver, he may cast a +50 Ice Bolt (range 100') from the shield four times per day. Note that this bonus is fixed; Directed Spells skill is neither required nor useful.
  • The bearer takes no damage from falls.
  • The bearer has a +50 bonus to Situational Awareness: Combat rolls.
  • The shield is a +3 Paladin Spell Adder.

Fehdar's Boots

These old, battered, brown leather boots are another artifact attributed to Dusak, but expert opinion is that Fehdar enchanted his own boots. The "Dancing Demigod" was a swashbuckling hero who bequeathed his magical boots to the winner of a race arranged by his estate and they passed from dashing hero to dashing hero until Vhal Augina, the Elven Pirate Queen, drowned and the boots were believed lost. Still, it seems inevitable that they will surface again.

Fehdar's Boots have the following powers:

  • The wearer gains +25 to all Adrenal maneuver, Acrobatics, and Tumbling rolls.
  • The wearer and the wearer's partner both gain +25 to Dancing rolls.
  • The wearer's base movement rate is doubled.
  • The boots grant Limbrunning, Waterwalking, or Sandrunning at will.

The Armor of Shining Glory

Nicknamed "the Armor of Shining Glory" after Heroic Fortitude (yes, that was his birth name) wore it in a series of five battles in which his side triumphed against superior numbers, this suit of full plate armor always appear freshly polished.

The Armor of Shining Glory has the following properties:

  • It is AT-20 with a +20 DB and missile attack penalty of only -10.
  • If the wearer makes a Medium maneuver using Plate armor skill, any Krush, Slash or Impact critical may be converted to an Unbalancing critical.
  • Any Leadership skill rolls during battle gain a +30 bonus.

The Black Bow

Made famous by the Elven archer known as "the Long-Winged Bringer of Death" (not his birth name), the Black Bow dates to the Age of the Demigods. It was crafted by a secretive Elf known as "the Creator of Items of Wondrous Power". Some of the early Elves were pompous by modern standards, but they did some impressive work. The Black Bow is a longbow made of dark wood with a string of spider silk and unicorn hair.

The Black Bow's qualities:

  • Upon initially using the Black Bow, the user has his OB modified by -60. This is because the bow is greatly more powerful than a normal longbow and the user must become accustomed to this power. Each shot after the first gains a cumulative +5 to OB until the user wields the Black Bow at its full potential of +40.
  • Range modifiers are +15 up to 20', +0 to 600', -20 to a maximum range of 1100'.
  • The bow is very tough, making RRs as a 33rd level item (plus its +40 bonus).
  • Firing the Black Bow is a 30% action (with no penalty).
  • While holding the Black Bow, all Tracking, Stalking & Hiding maneuvers have a +10 bonus.
  • The Black Bow fumbles only on a roll of 01.
  • The Black Bow floats in water and can support up to 380 pounds additional weight before submerging.

The Robe of Spell Pockets

This robe was the masterwork of Dabri of Squirrelwood, who made it for her lover, Han Djor of the Whistling Waterfall. Their story, amazingly, did not end in a poetic tragedy. They married, had five healthy children who buried their parents when they died peacefully after long and happy lives. These elaborate green robes with gold knotwork have six pockets.

  • Four of the pockets are spacious, but non-magical.
  • Two of the pockets will each store a spell of up to 10th level, allowing the spell to later be cast as an instantaneous spell, with the only limitation being that the wearer must be able to reach the pocket to extract the spell.
  • The robe is AT-2 with a +10 DB bonus.
  • The wearer also gains a +5 bonus to BARs.

Frostfist and Firefist

Frostfist and Firefist are paired gauntlets, which are definitely the work of Dusak. Through a series of misadventures, they have become separated and are located far apart and locked away in two special containers. Each container is a small chest, which is nigh indestructible. To open the chests, the locks must be defeated. The chest containing Frostfist may be opened only by magic, though the finest thief ever born should attempt the lock. The chest containing Firefist has a magnificent lock that is immune to magic, requiring an Absurd maneuver to pick the lock. This was done in the belief that these gauntlets were too powerful for anyone to be trusted with them.

Powers possessed by both gauntlets:

  • Being nigh-invulnerable, they negate any hand specific crit.
  • The wearer gains +5 to DB.

Powers possessed by Frostfist, the left hand gauntlet:

  • +50 to RRs against cold, reduces level of Cold crits by 2 ("C" becomes "A", "A" and "B" crits are negated).
  • May fire an Ice Bolt (100' range) once/minute, up to five times daily.
  • +25 to Direct Spells with "cold" attacks.
  • May be used for a Brawling attack with a bonus of +25, doing an additional "A" Cold critical whenever a critical is delivered.
  • If used with a martial arts attack, does an additional "A" Cold critical when a martial arts critical is delivered.

Powers possessed by Firefist, the right hand gauntlet:

  • +50 to RRs against fire, reduces level of Heat crits by 2 ("C" becomes "A", "A" and "B" crits are negated).
  • May fire a Fire Bolt (100' range) once/minute, up to five times daily.
  • +25 to Direct Spells with "fire" attacks.
  • May be used for a Brawling attack with a bonus of +25, doing an additional "A" Heat critical whenever a critical is delivered.
  • If used with a martial arts attack, does an additional "A" Heat critical when a martial arts critical is delivered.

Powers gained when wearing both gauntlets:

  • All individual gauntlet powers are cumulative.
  • The wearer is complete immune to heat and cold.
  • The gauntlets do not interfere with spell-casting.
  • The wearer gains a +20 bonus to OB.


At least fourteen of these weapons exist, created by Dyvid the Grim, known as much for his somewhat morbid outlook as for his skill at making weapons and armor. Each of these maces has a head shaped like a skull.

A Bonehammer has the following powers:

  • It is a +15 mace.
  • Against any creature with bones it does double concussion hits.
  • The wielder gets an extra RR against any magic with a theme of death or disease.
  • If a "C" or better critical is scored against an opponent, the unlucky foe is also subject to a 10th level casting of Break Limb (Sorcerer Base List Flesh Destruction).

Socks of Warning

These socks come in a variety of patterns and lengths. They are always of good quality and fit. The wearer's feet will tingle if any hostile creature is within sixty feet.

Hat of Rabbits

After a Routine Attunement maneuver, the wearer of this hat can reach into it and produce a white rabbit, once per day. While they exist in a variety of styles, the most common is a black top hat.

Wand of Wondering

The target of this wand must make a RR against a 5th level effect, modified by three times the opposite of his Reasoning bonus (i.e., high Reasoning lowers the chance of success). If the RR is failed, the target will have a profound thought and stop to ponder it for a number of rounds equal to the amount by which the RR was failed. If attacked, the victim will snap out of his contemplative trance, but will otherwise be oblivious to events. Attuning to this wand is a Medium maneuver.

Contraceptive Amulet

When worn, this amulet prevents procreative activities from resulting in conception. They are gender specific and 75% are the female version and 25% the male version. They are not effective until they have been worn for at least twenty-four consecutive hours.

Codpiece of Protection

These codpieces range from the elegant simplicity of unadorned black metal to ornately decorated codpieces in fanciful designs. They will function only for a male humanoid wearer, in which case certain powers are granted:

  • 50% offer a +5 DB bonus, 25% grant +10 DB, 15% provide +12 DB and 5% provide a magnificent +15 DB. However, 5% are cursed.
  • The cursed version does provide +5 DB, however whenever the wearer suffers a critical, he must make a RR against the level of the attacker or suffer a secondary blow to the groin which inflicts two rounds of stun.

Hydra Flail

So-called because of its many heads, a Hydra Flail will have between three and six of them. Each strikes independently, although the flail can only be used to attack a single target at a time. Even if the foe is killed, roll all attacks to check for fumbles. The Hydra Flail is a magical weapon, but will rarely be enchanted above +5 and often is a +0 weapon. These weapons are rare and much sought after. They are supposed to be the work of Dusak. Certainly, nobody is making them today.

Onion of Bountiful Tears

These appear as normal brown onions, but when cut, everyone in a 50' radius must make a poison RR against a 15th level attack or be incapacitated (stun/no parry) for 1 minute/5% RR failure. The person who cut the onion has a -20 penalty to his RR. Anyone biting the onion is automatically helpless with tears for 1-5 hours.